Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Closet Challenge

On Friday, I went over to my friend Beth's house for a play-date with the munchkins, and while they were napping, we decided to do a closet overhaul.  Beth wasn't kidding when she said, "I think this will be the biggest challenge for you!"  Ever since she had her lil' man, Beth hasn't felt totally comfortable in her clothes again;  I needed to find some outfits in her closet that would help her look great and, most importantly, feel great in what she's wearing.  It was quite the closet "fashion fix"!


After emptying her entire closet, drawers, and under-the-bed box, we had 3 piles: one for  donating, one to go in the "maternity" box, and one to see what we could do with.  This last one is the pile I started with (pictured).  
Beth found this skirt that had been in her box-under-the-bed "for ages" and wondered if there was any way that we could make it work.  Of course!  To keep it simple, I paired the purple floral skirt with a basic white tee, an eggplant scarf and a very cool "stone" necklace.  Beth's favorite part was the necklace, as she told me, "See! At least I have good jewelry!"  Maybe this wouldn't be too much of a challenge after all!
 This purple shirt is absolutely adorable.  
Beth informed me that I had chosen the exact outfit that she wore to her bridal shower!  So, I gave it a little twist...
 I paired the top with skinny jeans, to balance out the "blousiness"of the top, a green graduated bead necklace, and a green bangle bracelet.  
Happy, hot mama!

 Ok. So Beth totally knows how I feel about crop-tops. I'm not a fan. But I'm also not one to turn down a challenge, and she had just bought these and had been waiting to wear I had to help!

In order to scale down the oversized shape of the crop top, I had to put a skinny black tank underneath.  With these, black is always slimming and we needed to show off her great shape!  In order to keep the line going, I added a long necklace to draw the eye down to the rest of the outfit.
Another hot outfit!
Closet tip: 
With big shirts like these always remember, 
big on top = slim on bottom
ie. leggings, skinny jeans, pencil skirts, crop ankle pants, etc.  
Absolutely no trouser pants, wide legs or flouncy skirts!  They will swallow you!

 Another fun one...
This is the necklace in the second picture above.  
Beth warned me, "It's not as long as you think it is!"and she was right.  In order to make this necklace longer I took another plain silver chain that she had and linked to the ends of the chunky necklace.  
A simple fix for a longer necklace!

By now we were exhausted.  It was a lot of work to go through every piece she owned to find these few outfits!  We also created a list of "need to buy" items that Beth should have in her closet to make getting dressed easier for her.  I'll include the list at the end because I think it has some important things that would help anyone!
I found these two great bright tops in the closet and paired them with brown pants that she never wears.  The necklaces add some color to a normal outfit.  She needed a little extra "spice" to her work wear.

 This skirt is awesome; it has built in shorts!  ahahaha. Because of that, and because Beth challenged me, I had to do something with it!  I found a black tank with flower details at the neckline ( :-( you can't see it in the picture), and used her necklace and wood bangles to dress it up.

After many questions of "Do you have ____?" and "What about _____?" Beth and I realized that she desperately needs a trip to the mall.  Here are the staple items that her closet could use to help her get dressed in the morning:

1. Cardigans in different colors other than black or grey
2. Black ankle pants. A perfect compliment to all the flowy blouses she owns
3. Basic black and white tanks and v-neck tees to layer with
4. A few more colorful necklaces to give her old clothes new flair

Thank you Beth!  Let me know when you want to go shopping!!

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