Friday, July 29, 2011

Just Cruisin'

I'm back at my parent's house today to help my mom pack (once again) for another trip.  This time they are cruising to Bermuda and will be docked at the lovely island for 5 days.  So jealous!

Since my mom is kind of a "mom"-onista (mom+fashionista...I know, I'm a dork ;) ) already, she didn't need much of my help.  What we were able to do was finalize a few outfits she had in mind and make them standouts.

For a dinner one night, my mom had already planned on wearing this grey shift and jacket.  

I spiced it up with the option of either a green  or a bronze belt and a statement necklace.  
(Check out J.Crew's Fall jewelry line if you're into '20's/art deco inspired!

 Another Dinner Outfit
My mom had already picked out this black and white shift for another dinner night.   In order to make it fun I added another belt and a necklace.
(Noticing a trend?  All you need to liven up a normal dress is a colorful belt and an interesting necklace!)
We decided that we liked the version on the left best because of the color scheme.  In close second place, the pink belt on the right still adds a much needed pop of color.

 Sail Away Outfit

My mom wanted to wear a white skirt to board the ship. I absolutely love this color top!  It needed something else, though...

I tucked in the shirt and added a green belt.
(the same one from earlier, we are packing a suitcase remember!)
It didn't take much to take this outfit from blah, to yeah! 

Another Day Outfit
Using the same skirt and belt, to make the most use of space in the suitcase, I found another top that would look great!  I used the same belt from before to add another pop of color and finish the outfit.  So chic!

Another way to save on packing space...
We found a coral colored cardigan that would go great with both of these tops.  The wonderful cardigan- sometimes unnecessary, but always good to have along!

 These are the best invention! Reversible belts...who would've thought.  I think I made fun of my husband for buying one before, but now I'm a believer!
These belts may also have the most versatile colors to reverse.  And they save on packing space!

Can't wait to see pictures of these fun outfits with Bermuda in the background!

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