Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To the Honeymoon and Beyond!

What a fun day we had at TL's place going through her closet and helping her pack for the honeymoon! We even, inadvertently, created her rehearsal dinner ensemble.  So much to share!
So here goes...

 Liz LOVES to online shop.  She's not really a "go to the mall to see what I can find" kind of girl.  This being said, she had bags (no joke, plural!) of online orders that she had yet to go through.  You can only imagine my excitement as we tore through those!

Out of the orders came this adorable striped top from Gap and a strapless navy dress from J.Crew! Using SJP as my inspiration, we created a casual, hip look for the honeymoon.  I paired the stripe shirt, under the navy dress, and belted it empire style.  Metallic sandals finish the look.

We decided this outfit would totally work for a casual day at work, especially with a tan cardigan thrown over top.

*Now, ladies, head to your closets and find your t-shirts!  You'll never look at them the same again!*

Also out of the online bags came a pair of white pants.  Liz had ordered them excited for "marshmallow-white" pants; instead this pair was closer to "meringue-white".  She voiced her apprehension to wear them during the warmer months due to the color.  "I thought since they were more of a 'winter white' I couldn't wear them right now."  I reassured her the only time you have to worry about white pants is in the winter: as long as they're lined, they're fine. (For us Michiganders, that is.  Any other state that doesn't go below 50 degrees, you're lucky!)

#1...To play off the white, I paired a bright mustard top with an infinity scarf in black and white.  I love the combination of black and white with yellow.  Especially when a metallic is thrown in there, like the sandals here.

#2...I used the white pants as a background for the colorful top that she bought.  We layered a gold and wood necklace on top to keep it accessorized and voila!

I love this color combination.  Yellow and Purple.  Mustard and Eggplant.  Lemon and Lilac. I could go on and on.  I also put a bracelet with a green stone with these two tops to bring in a third color.  
Color-blocking without being too bold.

 Chambray or denim shirts are an easy piece to add to other colorful items in your closet.  I found a pink twill skirt in TL's closet and paired it with a deep blue/chambray-looking button down and a green
v-neck cardigan.  We added tan flats and a necklace to finish off the look.  A perfect outfit for casual Friday when you don't want to wear jeans!

This dress is so versatile!  I created an outfit that TL can wear right now in the summer months and another one paired with boots to carry this dress into fall.  

#1...The navy dress is cinched with a silk tie belt from J.Crew (lime green, pink and white are the colors) and finished with strappy heels.  She had some cute green drop earrings that I paired with the dress and added a multiple strand beaded necklace to show off the neckline.

#2...To make this look more "Fall" I added her riding boots and an equestrian leather belt.  To liven up the brown and navy, I topped it off with a turquoise beaded necklace.  All this look needs is a cardigan, or turtleneck or tights to keep it going into winter!

 This top was hanging in the closet and hadn't been worn "in forever" I was told.  TL said she bought it "for fun times out" but didn't feel it was quite appropriate for work attire.  I think we changed that!
I layered a black tank under the top (to conceal the low "v"), added an ivory cardigan on top (to cover the spaghetti straps of the tank), paired it with black pants, a black necklace and gold bangle.  POW!  Work appropriate!

This picture doesn't do this look justice, unfortunately. :( Hopefully my description will!  She had just bought a fuchsia halter dress to take on the honeymoon to Hawaii.  What better color combination than pink and blue!  I used the blue necklace and green cuff from before to do some more color combining, added a skinny black belt to cinch the waist, and a white linen blazer to top the look at night.

 The rehearsal dinner dress!  
TL had the dress and the great shoes, all she needed were some accents to top it off!  I found a sash and some jewelry to complete the look.  Two necklaces are better than one; I paired a stone drop necklace and a layered chain to create this look.

If you have a layered necklace that clasps at the top like the one on the left, try unclasping it and spreading it out as one long circle chain.

Now you have a longer necklace that you can layer as many times as it will fit over your head!

Thanks TL for letting me help you organize, outfit, and pack!  Have a wonderful time on your honeymoon...make sure you take pictures of those outfits in action!

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  1. OMG Court! You literally make me feel like I have a fashionable closet! Haha I love it! If anyone needs a boost to their self-esteem, let Courtney come make sense out of what you're got in your closet...or your unworn online orders. ;) Cute! Cute! Cute!

    Stay tuned for the "1st year of marriage" post as Courtney tells me what to wear throughout the winter and spring seasons!

    Love you Courtney! My closet is always open to your assistance and ideas!


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