Tuesday, August 30, 2011

back to school

back to school

I apologize for the lack of posting lately, but as most of you already know, it is back to school time!  When I'm working in my classroom it's hard to find a good mix of fashionable yet functional.  Between the warm/humid climate of a classroom and still keeping it professional, I've been raiding my closet for some "oldie's but goodies."  It's here where I rediscovered my denim pencil skirt.  I seem to always forget about this versatile piece. Not too stuffy, yet polished enough to dress up a casual outfit...so that's just what I did!

Paired with a spunky pink striped top, turquoise belt, and nude t-strap sandals this outfit is definitely work-worthy!  I added the brown chain link necklace to add a tougher texture against the silky top. Don't forget my special favorites, librarian glasses, ...so appropriate *hehe*.  I also like the idea of pairing different shades of blue with denim, like with the belt in this outfit.  All rules are off in fashion lately, so I figure, why not!

Closet Tip:
A denim pencil skirt is a great item to have, especially for work.  It's an easy way to wear denim to work and still uphold a professional vibe.  You could dress it up with a blouse, tucked in of course, sweater, or blazer and heels or dress it down with a t-shirt and a scarf and sandals.  Either way, it's an item that should definitely be a part of your work wardrobe for all seasons!

(I found mine at J.Crew, but I know that Gap, Nordstrom, Ralph Lauren shops (Macy's), Victoria's Secret, LOFT, Anthropologie, and Old Navy all carry them.)

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