Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Closet Fashion MashUp

Today was an awesome day! I spent it with Tricia and Ashley in Ashley's closet.  The stylishly cool Tricia was a wonderful addition to my closet ideas and Ashley's lively and diverse closet made outfit styling so entertaining!  Ashley's closet held a mix of career separates, girly pieces, and rocker glam.
Putting them all together was definitely exciting.  After almost four and a half hours of closet fashion fun, we were spent.  Ashley totally came out on top, though, with over 20 new outfits from her own closet!                                                                                              
I initially went to work going through one of two closets and, instead of finding outfit pieces, I began to notice other pieces that she never wore.  This was when I realized, despite Ashley's protests about using today as a purging day, we were going to need a donation pile.  I also informed her that while I was doing this we were going to end up reorganizing her closets.  And we did!

***It's so much easier to "shop" your own closet when all the pieces that you may need on a daily basis are right there: pants, skirts, tops, blouses, everyday dresses, cardigans...fancy dresses, layering pieces (tank tops, tee shirts), and bulky sweaters don't have to be on display in the main closet.  And don't be afraid to purge those items that have been "well loved" or you haven't worn in a few years.  It's refreshing and leaves room for new things!***

This sequin skirt from Gap still had the tags attached because she "just couldn't figure out how to wear it." Let's fix that!
I paired it with a basic white tank, black vneck cardigan, black leggings (to keep the length appropriate), a chunky metal necklace, and grey peeptoe booties.  Casual glam!

This dress was headed right for the give-away pile, when I snatched it back and promised to give it one more wear.
In order to keep it interesting, I added a tan wide belt, leggings (Ashley looooves her leggings!), a raspberry colored necklace, and bronze t-strap heels.
 Closet Tip:
When figuring out what colors will complement your outfit, check the print and find a few that are different shades (not light purple and dark purple...more like green and brown).  
Use these colors to accessorize.

Another top headed for donationland!  With a pair of tan riding boots, this outfit would be complete!  I paired turquoise jewelry with a two-tone belt to give it a western feel.  Don't worry, more leggings with this outfit!
(Just for you, Ashley. =) )
This corset was one of the first pieces that Ashley pulled out and said, "Is there some way that I could wear this?"  Of course there's a way!
In order to temper the sexiness of the bustier, I paired it with a basic white tee underneath, higher waisted jeans (to prevent spillage...not that Ashley even remotely needs to worry, but it is a corset after all!), a leather bomber, beaded hoops, and glam satin heels.  I like the mix of edgy, girly, and rock n' roll all in one outfit!
This was another shirt that Ashley said, she didn't wear because she could never get it to "fit right".   I love this army green paired with tan and gold, hence this outfit!  I took the same tan belt from the western outfit and wrapped it around the built-in waistband in the shirt, added hoop earrings and those amazing gold satin platforms. I smell a date night coming on with this outfit! 

Ahh, a lace top!  (See my earlier post about lace: Got Lace? )
Flirty top paired with glam jeans and Madonna-esque necklaces...(I took a double strand cross necklace and paired it with a mixed metal knotted one)...why is it so easy to channel 80's Madonna when dealing with denim and lace?!

 These three outfits were created using more tops headed out, never be seen again.  I found a high-waisted black pencil skirt and some wide belts to keep them in her closet rotation.
The first one is a gold metallic striped cowlneck shirt that needed an update.
The second picture is missing a white collared shirt to be layered underneath the gold tank.
The third picture is a pink polka dot tunic tucked in with a wide red belt and ankle strap shoes.  
Very vampy! (My favorite of the three)  
Ashley was definitely excited, and I sure enjoyed hearing the phrase, "I never would have put those together!"

This outfit came as an afterthought.
Ashley wouldn't let me overlook this shirt with grommets on the shoulders and wanted a new way to wear it.  I paired it with the pencil skirt, black belt, 3 layered necklaces and a chunky watch.  Her choice of shoes: pewter embossed pumps or black patent buckle pumps.
This dress is already flattering with its weavy pattern.  It needed something extra to make it a standout.
Enter awesome leopard print belt (with a red buckle!),
red beaded necklace, and bronze t-straps.
So fun!
Same here.  Already great pattern, but with the extras, the outfit is complete!  Long chain necklace*, brownish-grey belt, and peeptoe booties.  Cream shawl sweater for those fall days that we all know (hope) are coming!

*I swapped out the necklace at the end for another one that Ashley found with the tag still attached...long chain with a large ivory circle pendant. Hope you can picture it, since it's not pictured here!

Never underestimate those old sequin belts!
I know I still have some sequin sashes in the shadows just waiting to be pulled out again.
This sheath dress needed some updating to keep it new, otherwise it was headed out, too.  I found a bronze sequin belt (buckled in back) to keep it fun, a heavy metal necklace, patent edgy heels and a black cover up.
A new outfit from some old goodies!

I love this print!  Ashley has a lot from Francesca's, an affordable, fabulously trendy boutique, including this dress.
To my dismay, she had never thought of pairing it with this wide red belt...I love how this looks!  I took it a step further with a multi-colored beaded necklace, and either black wedge sandals or rocker girl ankle pumps.
This is the vivid necklace I paired with the dress.
Sometimes more "out there" pieces just go with an already loud print.

 These two dresses merely needed a belt, some jewelry and fun shoes to make them new again.
I paired the leopard print with the "teacher" shift to keep it less stiff.
I love the idea of double skinny belts with the shirt dress.  Pewter pumps make it that much cooler.

I stared at this top for the longest time trying to figure out what to do with it.  It was too long to be a dress, too see-through to be a tunic top, and the ruffles were too low to be tucked in to a skirt. Hmmmmmm...
I knew how to make it work...a vest!
I unbuttoned the top, found a black tank dress, a wide black patent belt, grey peeptoe booties, a bracelet and some dangle earrings.  Score!  Outfit crisis averted.

Rocker glam at its finest!  This tunic dress, paired with leggings..duh, :) a glitzy woven belt, bomber jacket and those booties again...what a statement!

Apparently Madonna has not left the house, Ashley's house that is!
She is super excited about the Kid Rock concert that she and her fiance are attending in a few weeks.   All the better reason to create a funky and fun outfit for her to show off in attendance!

Don't worry, the pink bra isn't going, but looked really cool in theory.
In order to keep this outfit 2011 appropriate, Ashley toned it down with a black bra underneath, tons of heavy metal jewelry, and an autumn orange scarf to cover up the sheer top until she's ready to let loose!

The afternoon wouldn't have been complete if we hadn't accessorized her engagement party outfit!
Ashley was not opposed to finding some new jewelry for the occasion, so she may be swapping out the necklace, but the satin pumps are stayin'!

 I couldn't leave without seeing some of these outfits in action.  Ashley and I had so much fun putting together new outfits and especially posing in them at the end!

Thank you Ashley!  I can't wait to see some of these in the fall...especially since we're neighbors now:)

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  1. "Stylishly cool" you are too kind. :) I had a great time, and the outfits were fabulous!

  2. Hi Courtney and Tricia. Thank you for all the great finds! Like I said, you put things together that I would have never dreamed up. You are talented and it was such a great time. I appreciate your help and anytime you are looking for a stopping point on the way to Somerset, you know where to come! :-)

    P.S. We forgot to mention how awesome Kennedy was and how she is also a beginning fashionista - she knows how to pick out the expensive finds right away! She is such a beauty and so good natured!


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