Tuesday, August 23, 2011

End of Summer Style Slump... (aka Mixing Prints)

This time of year is always met with some hesitation by me.  For one, because it means returning to the everyday routine of working (I do LOVE my summers off!), and also because I've already worn most of my cute and creative summer outfits; frankly, I am running out of options.  Not that I don't have enough to wear, because I certainly do (as my full closet and lack of space for my husband's duds will attest to), I'm just kinda in an end-of-summer-style-slump!  I've worn the bright colors and mixed them together, I've tried the maxi as many ways as possible, the nautical look is fun... for awhile, I can only wear my black skinny pants or skinny jeans with so many flowy tops.  I've even dipped into some wide-leg jean bohemian styles...what's left?  Well, I decided I had put off the new trend "mixing prints" for long enough.  Today was the day I would forge this new path.  Actually, I found out that mixing prints is not that bad if done right.  Here's what I came up with and a few other ideas to hopefully inspire you to look again in your own closet and try out something new... to get you through the end of summer, too, of course!

I paired my new Zara striped top with my J.Crew leopard print scarf.
They both have the same tones of black and neutral beiges so I decided to give them a try together!

c/o Anthropologie Issue Seven 2011
This look uses a polka dot top to accent the floral skirt.  

c/o Anthropologie Issue 08 2011
This look is a tricky one! Three patterns in one outfit...hmm.  Not sure if I could pull this off, but an inspiration photo, nonetheless!  I definitely like their use of green stripes with the printed jacket; and pairing green with purple is always a good mix.  I guess it could be done!

c/o shopbop.com

This look may seem complicated, but I have found that pairing a striped shirt with another print is the easiest way to make this trend work.  Make sure to stick to the same color palette with simple extras and you're good to go!
c/o Anthropologie Issue 08 2011
Another polka dot top with a printed skirt.  It seems like they used the green in both prints to tie it together.  Very eye-catching!
c/o J's Everyday Fashion Blog
Yet another striped shirt mixed with a print!  I immediately noticed how she used the pinks in both pieces to tie it all together.
c/o instyle.com
Another look that uses a striped shirt...I see a pattern!

Apparently, all you need is a striped shirt or a polka dot print! After fervent searching for other examples, almost every one I came up with involved a striped top with a printed bottom or some sort of polka dots.  Now go grab that top of yours, find a bottom that has the same color tones and pair them together!  

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