Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fall Favorites for Any Closet...including mine!

Fall Favorites

My husband and daughter and I are vacationing in Vancouver this week and the crisp, cool air has me longing for some fresh new finds for fall.  Here are the items that I am coveting to add to my closet and what I am imagining them with...

I LOVE this new shade of red that is popping up pants, shirts, and especially outerwear. What an easy way to make a statement in a standout shade that pairs with almost everything.

A silk shirt with a mandarin any color.  In this deep purple hue it would make a black pencil skirt or jeans the perfect backdrop.  I would love to pair this top with the red pants above to do some colorblocking.  And pair it with the nude heels I have below? Hot!

A bow blouse.  In a solid or print, channel the 70's vibe with a pair of high-waisted flare jeans and platforms.

Platform loafers. They are everywhere!  I like the nude hue only because it is a perfect neutral to pair with any outfit, but any shade would work!

I am in love with this shade of bright purple/pink...I've heard it's called "Dahlia".  Whatever the name, this standout shade can make an outfit.  I am thinking these pants with a navy striped boatneck (thank you for that idea!) or just a plain black turtleneck.

I just bought this!  I love the way a leopard print scarf pulls an outfit together. Anything leopard print, for that matter, is on my list of fall must-haves.  A belt.  A scarf.  A headband. A shoe. You name it, it will complete your outfit for you!

Per my earlier post, a leather jacket.  The quintessential cold weather cool coat.  Now worn with everything from cocktail dresses to jeans.  It's an easy way to take a cool outfit and give it a tough girl spin.
These are the items on my fall must-have list.  After all the trends came down the runway, these are the ones I think will best complement my closet and have the most staying power.  I'm sticking to it!

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