Saturday, August 6, 2011

I Do... attending weddings!  It's so fun to see two people in love and celebrate with them.  It's also so fun to get all dressed up for their big event!

For my friend Liz's wedding this afternoon I found the cutest dress at Nordstrom BP...the juniors section.  Duh duh duh.  Which means it's short, form fitting, trendy, and was less than $50! That's speaking my language!  I resisted the urge to buy the dress in black; I don't need another black dress as much as a wedding needs another guest in a black dress.  That being said, this dress comes in pink, aqua, orange, white, navy, and I think purple.  I went for the lesser of all the evils, navy.  A perfect alternative to the LBD (little black dress) with so many options to accessorize!  I snatched up this sexy number, (already planning on the spanx I'll need to help me out...Don't laugh, you know you do it too!), and headed back to my closet to see what I could come up with to complete this outfit.

I chose turquoise accessories because I like the way the color pops against the navy dress.  I plan on pairing it with my own statement necklace, turquoise bracelet (vintage from my mom), diamond studs, and maybe a cocktail ring...knowing me I'll add that on too!  I have a brown clutch and platform sandals that I think will go just perfect and let the jewelry be the standout pieces.

Closet tip:
When dressing up, use a plain dress as a backdrop for awesome accessories.  The dress doesn't need to be the focal point, people will notice that after they are done complimenting you on your amazing jewelry!  The best part of all? Costume jewelry is the most noticeable and the cheapest!

Wedding attire
The dress and the clutch are the only two things from this picture that I will actually be wearing this afternoon.  The other items are definitely "wishes" and will not be a part of the outfit.  However, they are great inspiration for what my final outfit will be!

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