Monday, August 1, 2011

Maxin' Out Your Maxi

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Here it is August already, but summer is still hot!  Over and over again, when I just can't find anything to wear, I find myself reaching for the easiest piece in my closet: my trusty maxi dress.  It works for any occasion!  
Don't believe me? Think about these situations:
Running to the grocery store...throw it on with sandals and sunglasses. Boom, instant chic.
A trip to the mall...add a scarf and cute sandals.  Once again, chic and put together.
Dinner or drinks...add some great jewelry and a pair of espadrilles.  Date night sexy.
Wedding? Why not!  Put on that statement necklace and sky high wedges.  Dance the night away!

With that said, I thought it was time to think about other ways that I could improve upon this already active piece in my closet.  Hopefully you have at least one, if not more, of the following pieces in your closet to "max" out your maxi, too!

My Maxi
From Forever 21, a perfect black, strapless maxi, complete with pockets.  Well loved, for sure!

I LOVE this scarf!  The dress totally becomes the background for this colorful print.

Look through your lightweight scarves! I found a bright pink J.Crew scarf and looped it once.
Maximum color = maximum impact!
Grab your biggest necklace and wear it with confidence!
Nothing provides a better backdrop for pieces like these than a black maxi dress.
Feeling different?  Find that cute nautical inspired tee and layer it underneath.
It gives the dress a more casual feel.

I discovered this look when I was in Florida a few months back.  I had no choice but to layer something over my dress because I was so sunburnt!  Out of lemons, came lemonade! 

Outfit in action.  Keeping me cool and covered in the hot sun!
Quick tip:  In order to keep the knot from slipping (because it will, and it's super annoying)
take the bottom button hole and button it after you tie the knot.
You have a white button down...why not use it?!
Throw one on over the dress with a pendant necklace and you're ready to run errands!
Everyone should have a denim jacket!
This look looks especially great with a fitted or cropped one.  This way you can still show  off your great figure without covering it all up!

Add the same bright scarf for a pop of color.

Ahh, yes, the cargo jacket.  How I love thee.  So interchangeable and can transform any outfit!
Pair that maxi with a cargo jacket, roll the sleeves and belt it to keep the shape.
Perfect for a fall day when you just can't let go of the comfort of a maxi dress!

I can't wait to wear this outfit... it just screams cozy!
If you have a long cardigan, preferably with a shawl collar, it is the perfect match for your maxi.
Keep the long line flattering by adding some longer necklaces (go on, wear more than one!).
I feel a fall bonfire night with this outfit!
(If you know me, you know I love to dress up for anything =) even bonfires! )
Belts and Sashes
I found a sash in a vibrant coral color and tied it empire waist style.
I would leave the bow in the back for a special touch.

And, finally, add a belt!  I love introducing patterns to a blank slate with the striped and polka dot belt.  A great way to dress this dress down is by adding an tough brown belt.

I hope this gives you some new ideas for wearing that old maxi!  I know I definitely have some new outfits to show off after putting these together!

Happy fashion fixing! 

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