Thursday, August 25, 2011

Not Your Everyday "Mom" Outfit

I'm already laughing at the title of this post; it's inspired by one of my friends who made me promise not to wear my Bermuda shorts in public because she calls them "total MOM shorts!" HA. I did it anyway, in true Courtney fashion! I absolutely love the purple of these shorts- kind of a vibrant eggplant, for lack of a better color name- and since I LOVE to mix color, I decided to do it up.

I paired the J.Crew chino shorts (which are on sale right now!) with an airy pink top from Zara, tucked it in in the front to show off the neon belt. As an after thought I added the sweatshirt-like sweater to fight off the chill this morning. I topped it all off with a purple ring, some enamel bangles and a pair of gold flip flops.

Not a typical "mom" outfit, if you ask me! Bermudas do not need to be reserved for the golf course or playground; they can be treated just like a pair of pants or skirt with any outfit!

Closet tip:
When adding jewelry, you can always choose a color that picks up on one in your outfit already. Takes the guess work out of accessorizing!

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