Thursday, August 11, 2011

Short and Sweet & To Be Continued...

Today Kennedy and I went over to Kelly's to hang out with her boys and attempt to tackle her closet.  I knew going in, that my friend Kelly has a lot of clothes.  I consider her to be way "trendier" than I am, to which she stopped me and said, " Really? No way!  I always think you are!"  After laughing about how we both get inspiration from each other, it was time to step into her closet.  Oh my lord! Does that girl have a closet! (Complete with a washer AND dryer inside...jealous, anyone?!)  Between the plethora of shoes lining the top shelves and the racks of dresses, shirts, pants, skirts, and more, I knew this was going to take a while!  Of course, as life would have it, the kids, however, were not so excited about our diverted attention.  We didn't get as much done as we hoped, but I was still able to put together a few outfits for a quick post of her closet. In other words, this post will have to be a sneak peak for what will come next time when there are babysitters and lots more time! 

The first outfit I put together was with this great printed maxi dress that Kel had bought from Forever 21.  I wanted to make it a comfortable outfit that she could wear to school in the fall. (Kelly is also a first grade teacher)
To do this, I paired the dress with a green chunky sweater (I added a color to give the look a little kick and some contrast), a wide brown belt, her brown flat boots, and a pendant necklace to show off the vneck.

Here is the outfit in action!
The lighting wasn't as good as I hoped and our time was extremely limited, but still a cute one we both thought!
I found another maxi!  Kelly had a loose fitting lacey top that she said she barely wears anymore.  I fixed that and paired it over the maxi dress.  Another outfit to transition into fall.

The belt I paired with this dress is so cool!  It's made of colorful beads woven together and is one big stretchy loop.
I loved the concept and so I used a plain black cowlneck dress as a backdrop for the belt and threw in a red necklace to play with the neckline.
This was a quick throw together.  As we were cleaning out and sorting through things I found this ribbed white tank dress that she wanted to give away.  At the same time, I stumbled upon this Forever 21 strappy number that desperately needed something underneath it to make it wearable.  Voila!  Throw the two together and she can finally cut the tags off of that dress!
 Another dress with the tags attached...they won't be there for long anymore!  I paired the olive shirt dress with a brown belt, stacked heel boots and a beaded necklace.  Perfect teaching outfit for this Fall.

Kelly pulled out this leather skirt for me to find a way to wear it.  This was the last outfit we had time for.  By now all 3 kids were practically screaming for our attention!
I found a great pink ruffled dress from Target (some of you may remember when they had this), tucked it in to the skirt, a chunky throw to keep it interesting, and a chain necklace that used to be a belt!
I forgot to include these shoes with the above outfit, but couldn't leave them out!
They are from the Vera Wang label for Kohl's and are absolutely awesome!  Plus, they're on sale right now for less than $50...if you're in the market for nude heels like I am, go try them on!

Kelly had a great idea for storing her necklaces.
She uses her husband's tie rack for all her chunky chains...what a smart idea!

All in all, considering the limited time we had and the amount of constant distractions, I think it went okay!  Kelly definitely has some new outfits to go with, and a cleaner closet...well, at least the areas I got to!  Be sure to stay tuned for the next episode!

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