Monday, September 26, 2011

Casual Friday

Okay, I don't know if I've told you this before, but I don't really like jeans.  They're just not that comfortable on me, so they're not my "go to" item.  I have so many other comfortable and casual options, in my mind, that I would rather wear.  This Friday for example.  I've been reading in so many magazines about the knee high stacked heel boot.  I have a pair that I bought on amazing sale when I worked at J.Crew that I only break out on occasion.  Not sure why, but I just don't wear them that much.  I decided that I needed to change that.  Especially since it seemed like I was the only one who didn't appreciate my boots like I should, according to the fashion mags and blogs! (Hence I wore them twice in one weekend...hehe).

This time I truly started from the bottom up.  I knew I wanted to wear the boots, but tucking jeans or riding pants was too predictable.  They needed a dress or skirt to be different.  I went with a safe bet of navy and orange.  My new favorite fall color combo.  Just check out H&M for more inspiration with these two.  Plus, I was excited to wear my new Old Navy find...the jacket was only $20!  And it's sweatshirt/fleece material...even better for a casual Friday look!  I love the look of a striped top under anything lately and of course I had to pile on, not one, but two necklaces to finish it up.

It may not seem like your average jeans day alternative, but for me I was just as comfortable as anyone else!

Black and White... and Red!

black and white and red
I didn't have a ton of color inspiration this morning, so I started with a clean slate.  I picked a black and white printed pencil skirt (from White House Black Market) to go with the DVF top that I found at the Rack on *crazy* clearance.  Seriously, it was like 80% off; I practically drooled over the deal! I was so excited to finally cut the tags off of it.  Still not feeling any color, I added on a 
black patent wide belt, since the belt loops on the skirt were big enough to fit one.  *Side note: if the skirt has belt loops, fill them!*  The outfit needed a third piece since it was a bit chilly: keeping with the theme, I opted for a lightweight black v-neck cardigan.  The necklace was also void of color.  Boy.  Cute, but boring!  So I headed back to the closet to find some shoes.  Voila! My vampish red patent leather heels.  Perfect finishing touch and now I was complete!

Closet Tip:
When choosing an outfit of black and white, an easy color to splash in, with maximum impact, is red.  It's a foolproof standby, especially now that it's a huge color for fall.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Shoes

Are you ready for this?  ALDO shoe retailer is now making a line for JCPenney using their on trend designs and range of styles...for 1/2 the price of the shoes they sell in the store.  AND they're offering an online code right now for $10 off a $40 purchase of Call It Spring shoes! (enter CISSHOES at checkout) I can't tell you the last time I shopped at 'Penney's, but I know I'll be there soon! Here are the ones I love...
Sparkly flats? Yes, please!  These would look great with
leggings or jeans. Or a skirt.  Hmm, looks like these would
be a great addition to any closet!  And the best part?
They're only 29.99!
The high heel loafer is HUGE this fall.  It works with
a pair of trousers, a menswear-inspired skirt, or even
a pair of trouser jeans.  I love the cognac color of
these too.  49.99.  Plus $10 off with the online code!

These are for you KO!  I know you've been waiting
to find the perfect nude heel that looks sassy but is
still comfortable and practical.  I think I found it all.
Now let's just hope the shoe fits!

I love the nude peeptoe platform wedges (Call It Spring Shoes of course) but this outfit just inspired me for my shopping outfit today!  I forget that I have a 3/4 sleeve jacket kinda like this one (multi-colored boucle from H&M a few years back) that would look great over a tank or striped tee.  Skinny jeans will keep the look casual and I'll probably go with a pair of flats to keep it practical for walking behind a stroller.

My own jacket I plan on incorporating into my look.
Thanks to for this outfit inspiration today!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Night Owl

Tonight, instead of doing schoolwork, all I can think about is what I want to wear for my friend's birthday night out this weekend!  I decided to head to the web to put a little something together.  As usual, I started with the bottoms.  I always try to do this when I don't have a clue what to wear: a pair of dark denim skinny jeans is the perfect backdrop for almost any outfit.  Especially on the weekend (for me, at least).
Night Owl

I then went to my favorite site for nightlife clothing (cuz I have SUCH a
nightlife anymore...ha!)  I was thinking going with a sheer top, since I've seen them more and more in fashion publishings.  I found a cute polka dot ivory top (polka dots are also big!) that would balance out the skinny jeans.  I absolutely love my new black platform ankle boots, so I have to wear them: they'll be perfect for dancing!  Add on a black necklace to stir up a little black and white pairing and a classic clutch...I think I'm ready to go out!  Now all I need to do is go shopping

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Switching Seasons

My favorite part of autumn is layering different pieces to deal with the lowering temps.  I also have a ton of items in my closet that don't need to be put away just yet.  For one, because they can be layered to become a little bit warmer, and most importantly, I'm just not ready to stop wearing them!

The latter applies for this dress.  I bought it for our trip to Vancouver this summer and have enjoyed wearing it ever since.  I needed a way to keep it cool and update it one more time so it wasn't just the same striped dress worn yet again!  (I do not like to "re-wear" items or outfits!)

I decided that even though the dress is a navy and ivory stripe, black leggings would look just fine.  I opted for my brown riding boots on the bottom to channel cooler weather and on top I threw on an autumn orange scarf.  I couldn't resist adding just one more color: in came the olive belt!  I piled on the jewelry...more IS more sometimes...and loved the final look!  Even my Starbucks' barista commented on my fall ensemble: talk about a great way to start the day!

If you have items in your closet that you're thinking about retiring for the cooler months, rethink them!  There has to be a way to make them new and fall ready!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

It's been waay too long since I've made time to create a post.  So I'm back, late Sunday night to recap the weekend and the looks I found in my closet.  It was a busy weekend with date night, wedding, and crazy catch-up Sunday of errands and housework.  Here is how I managed to put it all together!

Friday is not Jeans day in my world.  I'm not really a fan of jeans...unless their dark and skinny and tailored to fit my unproportioned body perfectly.  I've always had a problem finding the right pair that actually felt comfortable on me.  This past Friday, I decided that I was going to break the rules a little.  I love that you can wear white after Labor Day now, since anything goes these days...but you should've seen the looks I got at Starbucks that morning! If I could've read their mind, I know I would've heard, "What is she thinking?!"
black and white
I decided to give my white pants another break from the closet today.  I paired them with a long sleeve cotton crewneck shirt and layered a loose black sweater  over top.  Since the temps were a bit chilly, I went with a black flat instead of sandals.  When it came time for accessories, I tried to add in a color and decided that it looked all wrong!  I had to stick to the simple palette I already had; I layered some of my necklaces that had a black grosgrain ribbon attached and threw on my gold and black bangles.  Simple yet never boring!

Closet Tip:
When wearing white year-round, keep in mind the fabric is key.  Linen needs to be reserved for warmer months, especially if you live in a changing climate.  White pants are best if they are lined for the cooler winter months.  (Mine are not, so they tend to get retired around October through March.)  You do not have to wear "winter white" in order to be appropriate in December though!  Any shade of white will work as long as you're dressed for the weather.  White jeans are an easy piece to keep rotating all year long...think riding boots and a chunky sweater.  So cute!


Country Wedding
Today we had a wedding in Fennville, Michigan.  (I know, I thought the same thing...I had never heard of the place before today!)  My Aunt Penny's intimate wedding took place in a lovely garden of scenic rolling hills and fountains and flowers.  I had NO IDEA what to wear until the very last minute.  I had forgotten about this dress that I originally bought for a friend's shower this past summer.  I love the bright yellow and mixing of black and white.  I knew I needed to layer something with sleeves so I picked my leather jacket for warmth and to add a little edge to this outfit.  Black peeptoe pumps, bangles, and a clutch finished off this ensemble.

sunday safari
I knew it was beginning to feel like fall outside, but I had yet to change over my closet from all my summer clothing.  It was on my laundry list of things to do though, don't worry.  I wanted to be comfortable in case it was warmer out than I thought (Sadly, it was not.  Darn Michigan weather.)  I chose my J.Crew Salute skirt, an olive-y chino number that looks and feels great with a lot in my closet.  I wanted to do something different and I paired it with my ivory silk peasant-like top that I love because its buttons are apples...such a teacher!  I only tucked in the front of the blouse, though, to keep the look casual and comfy.  I put on gold sandals to help my high-heel-blisters heal and the same gold bangles I had worn all weekend long.  Easy like Sunday morning.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Margherita Missonic/o
Target stores opened up their website and doors to the high-end designer Missoni today.  Starting at 6am, shoppers were ready to pick up this line that normally sells for upwards of $12,000 in department stores for a mere fraction of the price.  Consequently, most of the items were sold out by 7am.  *Sad face*  I, of course, was unable to pick up anything.  I have a slight problem shopping online without trying things on, and the fear of everything I ordered not fitting right and having to return it without possibility of replacement...I couldn't bear it!  I've heard they're planning to restock (I sure hope so...they sold over 6,000 pieces today alone!) and if, and when, they do, here is what I am looking for:

This sweater coat would be perfect with leggings or riding pants, boots, and a turtleneck.  Or, with a colorful top, flouncy skirt, tights and booties.  I LOVE the Missoni zigzags!

All I can think is "perfect school teacher outfit" with this dress!  I love my tights and flats with a great A-line dress in the winter.  This dress would totally fit the bill!
I am thinking that this skirt would be great with a chunky knit sweater on top or even a t-shirt and denim jacket.  The print of this skirt would complete any outfit and be the statement piece.

Another perfect dress for tights and flats in my book!  I like the combination of colors in this dress even more than the previous one.  I really hope this is all restocked in time for me to try them on!
I absolutely adore this wrap sweater.  Perfect to throw on over a "blah" outfit and turn it into a "wow" outfit!  This would even work over a black shift dress; belt it and add some jewelry and you're comfortable and chic!

I just thought these two were cool.  I love the Missoni signature zigzag on the iPad cover and who can resist this bike?!  Apparently Jessica Alba and Jessica Simpson are all about it on Twitter!
Now don't you all go running and buy these before I get to them! LOL  Hopefully I'll be able to create my own outfits with these in my closet soon!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Inviting You...

another one
This is the outfit I wore for a busy Saturday filled with traveling, tailgating, and a birthday party.

Ok, so posting about fashion and creating different outfits is a ton of fun.  I am constantly thinking about my next post and how to change it up.  But posting about only my own closet is getting kinda boring, not gonna lie!  I have heard about new outfits that my readers have put together from a little CFF inspiration...I wanna hear more! Soooooo...

Here's my invitation for you!

**If you have put together an outfit that you wouldn't have normally thought of, share it!  Post a picture!  I know we'd all LOVE to see it and compliment your creativity.**

***If you have something in your own closet that you are dying to make new again or simply cut the tags off and finally wear it out...share it!  Post a pic on here or on Facebook and I'll create a new outfit set for you.  It may not be the same as me coming to your closet, but at least it's a start!***

The whole reason I started this blog was to share the fashion excitement I have in other's closets...where's the excitement when all you have to read about lately is MY closet?!  Put me to work people! LOL

I can't wait to see what you've got for me in those closets of yours...bring on the closet challenges!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rain and Shine

sequinsAaahhh...the sequin skirt.  A piece that is a little "out there", but so awesome to wear.  I can understand why something like this may not be an item you own...yet.  The truth of the matter is, a sequin skirt can be as dressy or as casual as you want it to be.  And it's a total excuse to glam it up whenever you feel like it!  Think pretty pretty princess...anywhere anytime!

how to wear sequin skirt

I like how the J.Crew skirt in this set can go with any of these items.  Pair a sequin skirt with a crisp white button down for a polished look that can go to the office or out to dinner.  A selvedge denim shirt can take the flashy skirt down a notch; paired with a wide leather belt, this look is casual with a touch of flair.  Throw on a black or white ribbed tank with a boyfriend sweater; not your typical weekend wear.  I like this look even better with a pair of riding boots.  Want to play off of the flashiness in the skirt?  Add a colorful silky top and some jewelry.  Now that's a statement that will have other women wondering why you look so stylish!

my rainy day outfit
This was my final rainy day look with my sequin skirt.  Nothing fancy- just easy and accessorized!  I've been too tired lately with the starting of school to put together any fancy outfit.  This just had to do!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yikes... Stripes!

Yikes... Stripes!

H m dress
£20 -

Sterling silver jewelry
$275 -

$75 -

Today was the first day of school for teachers and students here in Michigan.  For my "first day outfit" I chose to go with a comfortable option.  I love the ease of this H&M striped dress; especially with a pair of leggings for the many positions of kneeling, sitting, and moving while dealing with first graders.  In order to make this more than just a "cute dress", I added the green belt for a contrasting color.  I figured, green and pink are great for a watermelon, why not this outfit?!  Oh, but I couldn't stop there!  Instead of letting the dress and belt do all the talking, I just kept on going...I piled on a chunky pearl necklace and bracelet.  I like that it's an unexpected touch to a more casual-feeling outfit.  It was chilly out, (I couldn't ignore the fact that I had recess duty, too) so my age-old GAP denim jacket did the trick as a topper.  That good old standby always seems to come in handy when you least expect it!

Lastly, the shoes.  I found these on sale at ALDO a while back.  I definitely stalked them, just waiting for this style to show up on the clearance rack.  It is always worth the wait, in my eyes, for that discounted price! Instead of going with a flat (which was very tempting!) I love that the stacked heel grounds the outfit, yet manages to dress it up at the same time.  The mix of taupes and browns in this shoe make it a nice addition to my closet.  Easy to pair with many outfits I already own!

Closet Tip:
The one thing I've noticed about fall fashion lately, is the mix of the unexpected...a t-shirt dress with pearls, chunky platforms with a casual outfit...the mix of highs and lows is endless!  Don't be afraid to experiment with what you've got...pair a denim jacket with a dressy top, put on your pearls with that t-shirt, and don't save your pumps for only skirts, chunky ones look great with a shirtdress or skinnies.

Now to pick out my outfit for tomorrow!! Until then... go shop your closet!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Birthday

happy birthday

We went out for a friend's birthday on Saturday and I was so excited to try out a new trend for fall.  Is it bad that I was secretly excited about the fall-like temps so I could wear a long sleeve shirt?!  I've had this silk blouse hanging in my closet since the "back-to-school" fall lines came out in July.  From a retail stand-point, I get why stores do it, but really?  Fall in July?  Hence my excitement when I could bust out a new outfit and finally cut the tags!

I went with this blush colored silk top and my skinny black pants.  I LOVE my black skinnies.  They truly compliment any closet and, ultimately, any body.  I recommended them to my friend Beth when I "closet fashion fixed" her closet, and even she went out to find the perfect pair!  (GAP sells a great pair for a good price point slim cropped pant )  Beth sent me a picture of them from the fitting room she was so excited!

To top off the outfit, I chose a pair of nude heels, cage style for an edgy look.  The patent leather nude belt broke up the line; I tucked in the top in front only to show off the belt.  With some large stone jewelry, my outfit was complete!

Closet Tip:
To keep a feminine top, such as a silky blouse, updated, pair it with some edgy extras. 
Leave it untucked in back. 
Add some leather.
Use some chunky jewelry to off set the feminine flair.
Cage-y shoes always do the trick!

Do you own a silk top?  A feminine top?  How will you update yours?  Happy closet fixing!