Monday, September 26, 2011

Black and White... and Red!

black and white and red
I didn't have a ton of color inspiration this morning, so I started with a clean slate.  I picked a black and white printed pencil skirt (from White House Black Market) to go with the DVF top that I found at the Rack on *crazy* clearance.  Seriously, it was like 80% off; I practically drooled over the deal! I was so excited to finally cut the tags off of it.  Still not feeling any color, I added on a 
black patent wide belt, since the belt loops on the skirt were big enough to fit one.  *Side note: if the skirt has belt loops, fill them!*  The outfit needed a third piece since it was a bit chilly: keeping with the theme, I opted for a lightweight black v-neck cardigan.  The necklace was also void of color.  Boy.  Cute, but boring!  So I headed back to the closet to find some shoes.  Voila! My vampish red patent leather heels.  Perfect finishing touch and now I was complete!

Closet Tip:
When choosing an outfit of black and white, an easy color to splash in, with maximum impact, is red.  It's a foolproof standby, especially now that it's a huge color for fall.

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