Saturday, September 10, 2011

Inviting You...

another one
This is the outfit I wore for a busy Saturday filled with traveling, tailgating, and a birthday party.

Ok, so posting about fashion and creating different outfits is a ton of fun.  I am constantly thinking about my next post and how to change it up.  But posting about only my own closet is getting kinda boring, not gonna lie!  I have heard about new outfits that my readers have put together from a little CFF inspiration...I wanna hear more! Soooooo...

Here's my invitation for you!

**If you have put together an outfit that you wouldn't have normally thought of, share it!  Post a picture!  I know we'd all LOVE to see it and compliment your creativity.**

***If you have something in your own closet that you are dying to make new again or simply cut the tags off and finally wear it out...share it!  Post a pic on here or on Facebook and I'll create a new outfit set for you.  It may not be the same as me coming to your closet, but at least it's a start!***

The whole reason I started this blog was to share the fashion excitement I have in other's closets...where's the excitement when all you have to read about lately is MY closet?!  Put me to work people! LOL

I can't wait to see what you've got for me in those closets of yours...bring on the closet challenges!

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