Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mixing Color in Your Closet

Don't be fooled by the color wheel, this is still a closet fashion post!  The color wheel is not only for artists, decorating, or web applies to matching your clothes, too! By using different color combinations, you can recreate so many old items into a new outfit.  Here's how...

"The COLOR WHEEL has 12 segments that consist of primary, secondary and tertiary hues, or colors.
The three PRIMARY colors are RED, YELLOW, and BLUE. They are indicated on the color wheel with a P.
The three SECONDARY colors of ORANGE, VIOLET, and GREEN (marked on the chart by an S) are created by mixing equal parts of the primary colors they fall in between; ie, VIOLET is the secondary color produced by mixing equal parts of RED and BLUE.
The TERTIARY colors are the colors that result from mixing the primary and secondary colors on either side of them: ie, mixing the secondary color ORANGE with the primary color RED results in red-orange. These colors are marked on the color wheel with aT."

Okay, now that we've all had a quick lesson in color, let's apply this to your closet!
primary colors
Any combination of these three colors will always look fresh!

secondary colors

I love the combination of orange and purple or purple and green.  Look for these this could be someone wearing them!

Tertiary Colors
Pairing the same color in different shades is a great way to give your outfits more flair.   Love blue?  Wear different shades of it in the same outfit!  Red and pink?  Absolutely!  The options are endless...

Color Blocking
Also known as "color-blocking", mixing different colors from opposite ends of the color wheel in one outfit can really spice it up! 

Lastly, if you are looking for more inspiration for color combinations, check out this site .  This site will generate endless color combinations for your outfit designing pleasure!

I'd love to hear more about your own closet color combining!  Happy fashion fixing!

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