Monday, October 31, 2011

Autumn Mix

I love finding new ways to wear some of my favorite items that I own.  For this outfit, I combined a long sleeve crewneck tee in "poppy"(the color of the season, in my opinion, of course) with a plaid button down.  I planned to wear the button down with the navy blue wool skirt anyway, but I wanted to make the outfit different and new.  With the bright colored tee underneath, this outfit became totally reborn!
  In order to keep it more than casual, I decided to add my pearls, tons of gold bangles, and bow heels.  Even my husband commented on this one...score!
The ensemble.

These were the best find ever at Charlotte Russe for $14!  I love discoveries like that!

I tied the shirt at the waist '80's style because it looked way better than being tucked in.

This skirt is OLD.  It was almost ready to be donated a few years back, when I decided I should give it another try.  I took it to my tailor and now it's in regular rotation with all of my other pencil skirts.  I had them take it in around the waist so it had a more flattering fit and had it shortened above the knee to keep it from being so dowdy.  The end result?  A piece that I would get more years of wear out of.  Totally worth it!

Closet Tip:
When working with pieces you know just don't fit right, don't get rid of 'em, trust me, take them to a tailor.  FIT IS EVERYTHING.  Even a $20 item can look like $100 when it's tailored to fit your body perfectly.  Find one you know, can trust and isn't unreasonable with their will love them and your closet even more!


  1. Because the heels are maize and blue of course!

  2. I love this look! You truly have a knack for creating cute outfits. I am inspired to take some pieces to the tailor myself!




  3. @sampenner- You're so sweet! Thank you:) and, yes, totally do it! It's so worth it.


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