Friday, October 14, 2011

Good Friends, Good Wine, and Good Closets

On Wednesday, I went over to a friend's house after school...wait, that sounds like I'm 5 again.  Um, I had a playdate with a friend from school.  No.  Sheesh.  No matter how I write it, anything "after school" still sounds like I'm toting a Hello Kitty backpack and skipping while holding hands with my BFF!

Soooo, I went over to my friend's house to enjoy some sushi, wine, and girl talk.  Before we saw the bottom of the bottle, I decided that we'd better head up to her closet.  I didn't want any "loose" decisions with the outfit making at this point!  Erin's closet is full of "casually classic" pieces with some other unique ones sprinkled in.  She is not your typical "mall shopper".  It is for that exact reason that I love her style! I knew I'd find some great items in her closet that I could have fun rearranging.  And I did!

I always love this skirt on her and wanted to come up with a totally different way for her to wear it.  As Erin exclaimed, "I NEVER would have put that together!"  I think I accomplished that goal!  I paired the printed skirt with a cotton scoopneck tee that had the same rust color splattered pattern-like on it.  Over it, I paired her puffer vest in the same autumn orange hue.  Add on the brown boots and you've got a casual, "I-just-threw-this-together-but-I'm-so-comfortable" look!

 One piece that she did want me to help with was this cute tiered dress.  It was one of those pieces that she kept pulling out to wear and just never left the house with it on recently.  I decided that it lacked some shape...I added a grey belt and some classy pumps.  We both thought it made an instant difference!  Now I know Erin'll be excited to wear it out of her closet!
Okay, I had to take this risk.  Erin didn't want to try it on, and I think it may risk looking too "librarian"...or this outfit could just be really cool on.  We'll see!  My friend had this awesome black suede skirt that she said had been hanging in her closet for years.  I wanted to make it fresh again; the length was already perfect since midi skirts are all the rage now.  I paired it with a chunky sweater and ruffled blouse on top.  The belt was an add on by her; it came from her Grandma's closet!  Grandma had some awesome taste I came to find out!

These shoes were another find that she just didn't want to part with just yet.  I don't blame her- everything comes back around eventually!  I'm thinking these chunky pumps with tights and a mini and a heavy sweater. Old style made new again!

I love the color of these flats.  Do you see the bow on top?!  So teacher, but so perfect with a pair of stovepipe black pants.  These shoes will punch up
any plain outfit!

I know this is one of her favorite sweaters, and I wanted to give it a new twist.  I paired it with another green cotton top (this one is actually two-toned and layered with a lighter green peeking out underneath).  Now she has just one more option when she wants to wear one of her favorites!

I LOVE this faux fur vest!  The only thing that was stopping it from being worn, I think, was its shape (or lack thereof).  It totally needed a waist!  I found a great green sash to tie around the middle and paired it with a dark denim shirt dress.  There was a cute set of silver bangles that she got from Charming Charlie ... I've never been in one, but I hear it's an "accessorizer's" dream! 

The same vest and sash again,  but this time with a polka dotted blouse.  So chic!

I love this green dress from Anthropologie .  Erin was hesitant to wear it with black leggings, though.  I don't know about you, but I'm still in love with black leggings and will wear them with just about anything.  (Plus it's a great way to bring in a "shaper" underneath things!)  Apparently, leggings are old news...I'm not on that band wagon yet!  I kept it classic for her and went with leggings, a denim jacket and some, silver, and black to tie it all together!

I just had to include this dress on its own.  I am  all over the colors and print and fit of this piece.  When you find a dress like this, it just screams "compliments"!  With a belt and a great necklace, this dress is perfect for any shower, wedding, date night, drinks, parent-teacher conferences, open house... all depends on how you style it!  (Now I want one!)
I figured I'd include some links to other dresses for you:
Even though we didn't spend a ton of time in her closet, I still feel it was time well spent!  She got some new ideas and combinations that even she admitted "I would have never thought of!"  All in good fun.


  1. How cute are you?!? Those are all great options. Your friend is lucky to have you!


  2. love the green loafs!

    xoxo navy & orange

  3. What a fab teacher! I wish you were my teacher =) Thanks for visiting.

  4. I love reading your blog. You always post something that leads me to play around more in my closet. I totally have a green sash from a bridesmaids dress. I may have to dig it out for an outfit!

  5. Thanks for the comments, ladies!

    @Aubrey- that's all I can hope for! So glad I can give you a new outlook!


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