Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's a Sunshine Day!

It was a beautiful 75 degree day in Michigan today and I wanted to celebrate the sunshine!  I haven't worn this brocade skirt in awhile, so I brought it out.  I wanted a top that would not be too dressy, and I knew that this v-neck t-shirt had the neon yellow threads in it.  Just as I expected, it was a perfect match!  Luckily, I had scooped up the same "citron" color belt at GAP this past summer; it was the right way to tie in the two shades of yellow from top to bottom.  Where is the belt buckle, you may ask?  In the back of course!  Hidden by the cardigan, you'd never know. :)  It just looks so much "cleaner" for this outfit, without the buckle in front.  For the cardigan, I went with one that matched the colors of the flowers on the t-shirt.  I think it tied it all together.  In the end, I wanted to glitz it up a little, so the sparkly necklace, bracelets, and peep-toes were the finishing touches.

Closet Tip:
If you use a printed skirt as your base, you can tie in different colors as you move up the outfit.  Just like in this outfit:
 I matched the belt to the skirt, 
then the shirt to the belt, 
and then the cardigan to the shirt.  
This is an easy way to mix items you may not have thought actually go together!

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