Sunday, October 16, 2011

Makin' a Maxi Work!

I visited Old Navy this past weekend because I got an email from them saying that they were having an AMAZING sale.  They weren't kidding!  (Note to all bargain shoppers...sign up for all retail emails, it's totally worth it.)  I found this great maxi skirt (among other things) for $7!  Since I'm trying to think of ways that I can maximize its appearances, I figured I'd let you in on some of my ideas...
I had to make sure that the skirt was the right length and would almost touch the floor when I have flats on.  When buying a maxi skirt, it's important to make sure that it's not too short.  If you're going to wear it with heels, it needs to be long enough to cover them up.  If you're wearing it with boots, it's okay for the ankles to show, but beyond that, it may start to look funny.

With these photos as my inspiration, I decided that one outfit will for sure include my (faux) leather jacket.
(I just discovered this site...loving Andy Torres!)
Another fun site I found... great for 
fashion inspiration, ideas, or current

leather + maxi skirt
I love my leather riding boots and think they would pair perfectly with this outfit.  In order to add some color, I'm thinking my autumn orange scarf from H&M and some colorful earthy jewelry.  Can't wait to fight the chill in this outfit!

sweater maxi
I want to pair my new maxi with a chunky cable sweater...I think this outfit does it!  I thought it needed some help with other items, though, so I added a denim shirt to layer underneath the sweater, a poppy colored necklace to layer on top of it all, some colorful bracelets, and finally, wedge boots in a rusty hue.  Comfy comfy.

turtleneck maxi
Lastly, I couldn't leave out my denim jacket or a turtleneck.  For this outfit, I decided to include both!  I am beyond thrilled that turtlenecks are not only "in" this season, but totally acceptable with almost anything.  I am a lover and forever follower of the black turtleneck.  It is a great addition to any outfit to look put together and styled in an instant.
For this outfit, I went with a black tissue turtleneck (for layering purposes), my denim jacket, a cozy ivory sweater scarf, long pendant necklace to peek out from under the scarf, and wedge loafers to elevate the look a little.  I think a wedge heel goes nicely with this combo...keeps it from being too laid back and yet is still casual.

I am definitely looking forward to wearing my maxi skirt.  This may just be one of my outfits for tomorrow!  Takes the guesswork out of getting dressed in the morning, if you ask me!

***Even Rachel Zoe is talking about maxi' her advice here Ask a Stylist with Rachel Zoe***


  1. Beautiful inspiration for maxi skirts! I'm totally a mini skirt girl but I've been getting a few of maxi skirts to pair with my tops! xoxoxoo

  2. Love the look!!!

  3. super nice post.

    please visit my blog

  4. what a great find! and love your outfits!

    xoxo navy & orange

  5. Oh wow I love maxi skirts but have never been brave enough to try them myself! Gorgeous find! Post a pic of you wearing it!!

  6. absolutely loving the color of your skirt! x

    Haute and Fierce

  7. Thank you ladies! I did wear it, but don't like posting pics of myself:( (I don't have a photographer, nor do I think I'm the "model" type! lol) I will style my mannequin with it on though, for the final look-see. xox


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