Thursday, October 6, 2011

Missoni for Target

After much eBaying and diligent searching, I finally snagged a piece from the Target Missoni line for only $5.00 more than the actual store selling price.  (It is unbelievable what some people are paying for this stuff!)  I was super excited when it showed up in my mailbox: I ripped open the postal bag and whipped out this dress.  Cute.  Very cute.  But not as cool as I was hoping.  Maybe because all the while, I'm still thinking, it is the Target version of Missoni...not the real thing.

But never one to be discouraged, I soon put together an outfit to show off my hard-earned wares!  And in true Courtney fashion, I'm still searching for more pieces, just 'cuz.  Haha!
I chose to go with the colors in the print and add a belt.  The fit isn't the best with most Target pieces and I noticed this holds true for this dress, too.  In order to give it shape, I had to belt it.  The color yellow seemed like a good choice to bring out the rest of the colors and the cardi was mainly to fight off the morning chill.  I went with another designer for Target, Loeffler Randall, for the brown patent flats and some colorful gold and enamel bracelets.  Not pictured are the leggings that I had to add to the outfit because the dress is waaaay too short to wear without them! 
On to more eBay searching for my next fun find... :)

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