Thursday, November 3, 2011

Brown Glitter

When I put together this outfit, I literally grabbed a top that I hadn't worn in almost a year, and was determined to wear it somehow to work that day.  And I did!  I decided to pair the gold glittery top with brown to be different.  I always tend to wear it for a fancy event or evening and pair it with black.  Hoping to tone down the flashiness for a work-appropriate ensemble, I figured that brown would do this trick.  I'm not sure if it actually worked, but it worked for the day!


The large bloom in the middle is the best part about this top.  I think!

I decided to go with any shade of brown for this outfit.
Monochromatic dressing, without being monochromatic. I guess!

Nude pumps finalized the whole ensemble.

Have you ever wanted to wear something fancy to work? Do you have anything "fancy" in your closet that you wish you could make work appropriate? I'd love to hear about it!

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