Monday, November 28, 2011

Catalog Inspiration

Have you ever been reading through a catalog and thought, "hmm...I totally need that outfit!"  If not, well, I sure have!  Typically, I just tear out the page, forget that I wanted to go buy it (to my husband's delight), and try to make it up out of what I already own.  This only goes so well to a point.  Either I just don't look as cute as the model (like 99.99999% of the time) or the outfit just isn't as cute on me as I hoped it would be.

Today's outfit was another one of these moments...I tore out the page from the Nordstrom catalog awhile back and decided it was time to try and recreate it.

I'm missing the cute tie-neck blouse and slouchy sweater, but still matched the leopard print platforms and camel trousers.

I paired the camel trousers and leopard shoes with an ivory ruffled blouse and brown boyfriend cardigan.  (Anyone recognize the logo?? Yup...old school Abercrombie.  I told you I never get rid of anything.)  I went with a black belt and poppy pink bracelet to add some color.

I had to dig out these shoes.  
I know, I know. "But they're so fun!" you say. 
Why would I not wear them all the time?!  I'll be the first to admit it: they're super uncomfortable.  Somehow I made it through the whole day.  Anything for fashion!

Closet Tip:
You CAN recreate an outfit from a catalog.  It's all about finding what you already have and putting it all together.  Use the page as an inspiration and don't be afraid to tear them out for later!  I have a "lookbook" of my own where I keep all of my favorites.  It comes in handy in those "I have no idea what to wear" moments; a catalog/magazine/book dedicated to only the looks that I love!


  1. I do the same thing...or use polyvore sets for inspiration. Need to tell you, after your "Mad for Plaid" post I set out to get that shirt. I desperately wanted it to work, but wasn't the right cut. But there was another tartan that did work:)

  2. Oh good! I like using polyvore, too, but sometimes I need to see it on someone before I can "visualize" the whole outfit, you know? So glad you found a plaid, too! Thanks for the comment!


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