Sunday, November 13, 2011

Feathers and Fall

 I wanted to wear something colorful, but I knew that I would have to add tights and a scarf to keep warm.  Especially during recess duty!  Here was my answer to keep the colors bright and the limbs warm...
This is a Maggy London dress that I purchased for a friend's wedding shower.
Easily recycled for a work outfit with a few tweaks! 

My mom gave me this J.Crew necklace because it was too "edgy" for her.
I love the toughness against the dress in this ensemble.

My favorite wedge heels.  So comfortable for work.

Any closet outfit isn't complete without another pop of comes a scarf!
All this outfit is missing is my black opaques. Another fun one from the many closet combinations that can be made.

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