Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Gradient Factor

After getting dressed the other morning, I realized something about my outfit-making-methodology.  I always dress from either the bottom up or the top down when adding in color.  Meaning, I tend to start with the darkest item on the bottom and then go lighter as I continue to add on up.   Or vice versa.  This outfit was no exception.  I picked a pair of black pants (Old Navy- $16...whatadeal!), a top with a colorful print, a red belt to pull out a color in the print, and a mustard colored cardigan for yet another color.  As an afterthought, I added on the red shoes, knowing they always pack quite the punch.  Bangles, necklace, earrings... out the door!

With the print in the top as my guide, I went with red first and then lighter with the mustard cardigan.
This way I could work in more than one color.

This necklace was dainty enough to not compete with the print and colors.  And it was green!

Pile 'em on.

Closet Tip:
When adding colors into an outfit, always start with the darker color first and then add on from there.  If you're not sure what would work, it helps to start with a print that you can pull colors out of to add on to the outfit.  The lightest piece should either be the very first one you put on or the very last one.  (Think white jeans (lightest- bottom) or ivory scarf (lightest- top) )

**When in doubt, just email me a photo or post to Facebook.  I'd love to help!**

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