Monday, November 14, 2011

Purple Play

I recently acquired this purple pleated mini from J.Crew Factory.  I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to wear it until I started searching the recesses of my closet.  Lo and behold, out popped this Isaac Mizrahi for Target 80's-esque-neon-yellow shell made out of, what seems closely related to, athletic mesh.  Why I bought this in the first place, I have no idea.  I'm assuming it was under $5.  That would make complete sense for my rationale.  I can't say I remember wearing it more than once, but I knew at once it would make this skirt that much cooler.  I knew there was a reason I hadn't donated it to Goodwill yet!

The actual shade of the shell.
I could be working at a construction site in this color...this shade would stop traffic!

I paired the skirt and shell with a white button down and heeled loafers.  Yet another random purchase that I don't think have seen the outside of their box more than a handful of times.  Man, am I glad I save everything!

This necklace was a gift from a dear friend.  I think it was found on Etsy
It's not often that I wear a neckline that can show off a necklace like this, so I decided to rock it once again.

Nine West loafers that I know must have been a Super Deal.  
I don't have a pair of platform loafers yet, so these will just have to do.  
Not too shabby, if you ask me.

I love my Henri Bendel knotted ring.

Librarian glasses topped off the look.

Closet Tip:
You never know when that item is going to make-or-break an outfit.  It's definitely important to weed out the items that don't fit well and may never leave the hanger, but there are some items that can stand the test of time.  The rule, "If you haven't worn it in two years, toss it," doesn't always apply.  If you purchased that quirky item and are still holding on to it, don't let go just may simply need some more time to find it's place in the world again!


  1. The neon sweater with the purple skirt is the perfect NOW combination! Well put together!

  2. adore this. thanks for sharing. I've got a new post all about pushing your style to the edge. Love to hear what you think. Thanks, love. xo

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  4. I totally agree with you! Sometimes I found old n barely worn clothes that turn out to be hidden gems. Love your blog!

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