Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Inspired by Closet Fashion Fix...No Purchase Necessary!

After my long absence from my fashion spouting obsession...aka, this blog...I've decided to return with new things to share that I've found recently.  I am so tickled that I've inspired other's outfits!  Especially my nearest and dearest of friends and the lovelies that I work with.  These girls have been brave enough, and amazing, to share their photos of Closet Fashion inspired outfits with me that I couldn't help but feature them! Way to go ladies, you look so chic...and to think it all came from within the walls of your own closet.  No purchase necessary!

My bestie steppin' outta the box.  She paired color with a denim pencil skirt, added a cardi, heels! and even a necklace! So proud of her fashion forward self:)

Another great look!  I love the colorful scarf paired with a green belt to complement the look. Black tank and a cardi...good to go!

One of my faves so far.  I love the bronzy glittery cardigan made casual with tank, necklace and scarf combination.  So hot!

I was told that she NEVER would have put this outfit together if it weren't for me.:)  I love the blousy top taken in with a chunky belt and body hugging skirt.  Those heels make her legs go on for days!

I couldn't help but share this...she may kill me for posting this picture, but I LOVE the outfit combo.  Printed maxi with a gingham blouse tied at the waist?!  What's not to love for the creativity here?!

My sister in law in a chic vest and jeans combo.  Her students' (she's a French teacher) told her she's a very stylish dresser!

Christina's Closet

This past week I had the pleasure of opening up Christina's closet and playing around a little.  I wasn't sure if she was ever going to let me in!  She has so many unbelievable items of clothing, that I couldn't wait to get in and move some hangers around!  Imagine Anthropologie relocated to an armoire...that's her closet!  Statement pieces upon eye-catching prints; ruffles and ruching galore...I was in closet fixing heaven with all these goodies to pick from.  But then came the challenge: how to put them together in the same outfit without many basic pieces to play with.

Once again, I would have wished for more time: somehow my daughter always ends up stealing the show.  I try to leave her behind, but it seems to be a common request that she must come along.  It's hard to say "no" to these!

I went a little "out there" with this outfit because I wanted to gauge how much fun I could really have with her clothes.  Christina has a collection of so many one-of-a-kind pieces that it was hard to pick which one to use for each outfit.  I love this skirt with the fruit print; I found a floral blouse with the exact same colors in a smaller print.  Following the rule, big print with a little print, I pulled together this ensemble with a wine colored cardigan.  Many of you may think it's too different, but I love it!

This blouse is actually a shirt-dress!  The easy and predictable thing to do would be to pair it with leggings. I had to make it more interesting...so I removed the "self-belt" that came with the shirt, tucked it in to the skirt and finished it off with this gorgeous necklace that she just got for Christmas (actually, Christmas came early because the family knew I was coming that day!).

In order to keep this outfit winter-ready, I put on a topper: a navy corduroy coat that has more details to it than this picture gives away.  A pink belt adds a flash of color in between the skirt and blouse.  All she needs are some navy tights and her boots to make it outdoor ready.

This bracelet was another gift that came early so that I could use it.  This Betsey Johnson bracelet would make any outfit jealous!

Because there were few "basic" tees to work with, I went with the colors for this outfit.  I liked the plum tee, layered under the chartreuse cardigan.  I wrapped the fucshia scarf around the neck and let one end dangle in front and one dangle in back. There were so many colors in this outfit, I wanted the scarf to be an easy add on.
Christina made this skirt.  Amazing, right?!  She's unbelievably talented and creative...hence the love for anything Anthropologie-like or artsy and fun!  This was a piece that I had to create an outfit for.  I played with the already present color combination and ran with it!

Even the stitching is color-blocked on the skirt.

This outfit was one that I wasn't so sure about at first, but after adding it all together, I love the final look!  Luckily, so did Christina; she wore it the next day for an outing to the DIA and then dinner.
I paired a swingy sweater with a loose vest that had the same colors to accent the pattern in the sweater.  The ruffled skirt picked up on the darkest colors and grounded the pairings on top.  I loved the lace scarf that she had, so I looped it in front to make a big messy knot.  

These tights would bring in more lace to the outfit, if she wanted to keep going with the avent garde look.

This layered maxi skirt would keep the outfit going on cold days when all she wants to wear is a pair of boots.

I loved this skirt and the velvet blazer.  Why not pair them together??  I didn't want to put anything underneath the blazer; I think the off-center buttons and stand-up collar speak for themselves. 

Christina has so many amazing hats.  If only everyone could look as fashionable in a hat as she does!

These tights were the perfect finish for the blue outfit.  The plaid pattern will add that special touch to an already center-stage ensemble.

Thank you again, Christina, for letting me in your closet!  I can't wait until I can come back and play with more of your exciting pieces...until next time!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Hot Roller How To

I used to love it when my mom would let me use her hot rollers to make my hair "Shirley Temple" cute, but you can totally use those old standbys to create an awesome look right now!

View the tutorial 

Party hair in under 20 minutes!
Thank you to www.refinery29.com for this tutorial!

(Sorry, I'm not technologically savvy enough to get the video to play only when you want it to.  
The autoplay option with the embedded video was driving me ca-razy!!)

Gettin' Ready for NYE

Now that the holiday season is coming to an end, it's time to start thinking about the next big event...New Year's Eve!  I feel like NYE is always over-hyped and then it turns into just another night out.  Last year, the hubs and I spent it already in bed by 10:30...we had a three week old, I think we had a good excuse!  But this year, we will be spending it with friends on a vacation in Northern Michigan, so I'll need an outfit, of course!  Here are some ideas to get you started or help you along if you've already begun your outfit planning.

I like the mix of black, white, gold and red in this montage of ideas.  White pants?  Why I just may!  White jeans with a glittery top and a black blazer make the perfect fall back outfit.  Plus, I have all of these items in my closet!  Complete with black pumps and a large cuff bracelet.  Done!

 Interested in fancy pants??  These are an easy way to make a simple outfit UNREAL.  The pants do all the talking, so keep the rest of your ensemble pretty tame.  Take a hint from some of these photos c/o www.whowhatwear.com.

Still not sure?  What about sequins?  They're the fail-safe way to dress up for NYE.  Everyone loves a little glitter with their bubbly!

Try an all-over glitz number.  Don't overdo it though, keep the outfit simple with pumps and minimal accessories...you're dress will get all the attention, as it should!

Afraid to go all the way? Opt for a sequin skirt. You can style it many ways, with a button down-starchy cotton or chambray denim, with a tank- a simple white or black one will do, or even a plain t-shirt.  You can have more fun with your accessories with this outfit- add a necklace or bracelets to keep the look festive!

Here's a classic outfit we can all create.  Skinny black pants , fun blouse, shiny shoes.  Keep the hair sultry, the lips red hot and the nails party perfect.  Send 2011 a kiss goodbye!
(body-hugging leather is completely optional...as in "no way" unless you're a twig or very daring!)

What will I be wearing??  Hmm...till next time!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Faux Fur inVested

Faux Fur inVested

I am so excited to wear my new faux fur vest.  I've been eyeing many different styles and finally decided on this one at Nordstrom.  I've been thinking about the many ways that I can style it, of course, and didn't realize how versatile it is proving to be!

For Work...

Office Fur

According to Rachel Zoe... (yes, the Rachel Zoe)
If you want to work a faux fur vest in the office, I recommend throwing it on over a classic printed shirtdress with sweater tights and closed-toe pumps to tie it all together. This ensemble is professional yet fashion-forward at the same time and ultimately the perfect winter look for anyone working in a creative field.
 from "Ask A Stylist With Rachel Zoe" in her article on styling faux fur vests.  Here's another way that I think keeps a fur vest completely classy in the office...

Furst Class
For Weekend...Weekend Weather
I like how this outfit can be so comfortable and easy to throw on, yet looks super chic for running errands or grabbing lunch.

For Nighttime...Night Owl
Night Owl by courtneycampmiarka featuring fake fur vests

This last outfit would be great for a date night or cocktails with the girls.  Funky accessories, grounded wedge heels (key for dancing the night away) and a sexy mini dress keep this outfit faux-tastic all night long! (I can't believe I'm posting that last line...cheese!)

Here are some other fur vests for your shopping pleasure :)

Faux For you

Just Add a Scarf

I am a devoted follower of the "Add a Scarf" clan. It seems to make so many outfits "finished" with just a twist of some fabric. Over time, I've noticed that there are so many different ways to style a scarf; there is truly, no one right way to do this! I can even recall a time that I just started twisting and looping and tying...the end result was fabulous, but I couldn't recreate it again if I tried!

When adding a scarf, it is important to keep in mind a few pointers...
(Don't worry, I found the "restrictions" list for this, too!)
  • The brighter the scarf or larger the print, the more focus it will take away from the outfit
  • Scarves come in many shapes, sizes, and fabrics...make sure the one you are using fits the overall look of your ensemble
  • Scarves can match your accessories...or not! Whatever works for you.
  • Tie it close to the neck if you don't want anything covered up (ie. a belt or necklace...) or let it hang looser and lower to cover up whatever it is you want covered!
  • DON'T think that scarves are only for warm weather...there are plenty of seasonless fabrics that you can rock all year long!

I added the scarf to this "I don't really feel like getting dressed today" outfit to help spice up the safari look. I promise the dress doesn't look as much like a paper bag on me as it does on my manne. I hope.

I loved this combo when I wore it! The watermelon color combination just seemed perfect. I needed something to make it more than just a shift dress and turtleneck outfit.

I love these three ideas to add a scarf. However, I tried the third one and it didn't work out so well on me.  Hopefully, you'll have better luck!

Jessica Alba always seems to find a scarf to make her outfit just that much cuter!

Make sure to view Closet Fashion Fix's post about 
how to tie a scarf:

How to Tie a Scarf

I am constantly searching for new ideas and other ways to tie my scarves.  I love how easy it is to tack on a scarf at the end, and make a look that much more compelling.  A scarf doesn't have to be the afterthought, it can be that last add-on to pull your look together.  That being said, it helps to have some ideas in your style rolodex before you go to pull on your scarf next time.  Here are the many findings that I have compiled so far.  I hope this helps you broaden your scarf tying horizons, as it has mine!

I especially like the knot that looks like a bow in this set.

Five great ways to tie a scarf...including step-by-step how to's!

I like the pictures on this example.

There is actually a blog all about scarves!  Who knew?!  
Visit Betty's scarf blog here, 

All tied up!  I hope you get at least one, if not many, new idea(s) from these tutorials and pictorials.  Happy wrapping!