Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christina's Closet

This past week I had the pleasure of opening up Christina's closet and playing around a little.  I wasn't sure if she was ever going to let me in!  She has so many unbelievable items of clothing, that I couldn't wait to get in and move some hangers around!  Imagine Anthropologie relocated to an armoire...that's her closet!  Statement pieces upon eye-catching prints; ruffles and ruching galore...I was in closet fixing heaven with all these goodies to pick from.  But then came the challenge: how to put them together in the same outfit without many basic pieces to play with.

Once again, I would have wished for more time: somehow my daughter always ends up stealing the show.  I try to leave her behind, but it seems to be a common request that she must come along.  It's hard to say "no" to these!

I went a little "out there" with this outfit because I wanted to gauge how much fun I could really have with her clothes.  Christina has a collection of so many one-of-a-kind pieces that it was hard to pick which one to use for each outfit.  I love this skirt with the fruit print; I found a floral blouse with the exact same colors in a smaller print.  Following the rule, big print with a little print, I pulled together this ensemble with a wine colored cardigan.  Many of you may think it's too different, but I love it!

This blouse is actually a shirt-dress!  The easy and predictable thing to do would be to pair it with leggings. I had to make it more interesting...so I removed the "self-belt" that came with the shirt, tucked it in to the skirt and finished it off with this gorgeous necklace that she just got for Christmas (actually, Christmas came early because the family knew I was coming that day!).

In order to keep this outfit winter-ready, I put on a topper: a navy corduroy coat that has more details to it than this picture gives away.  A pink belt adds a flash of color in between the skirt and blouse.  All she needs are some navy tights and her boots to make it outdoor ready.

This bracelet was another gift that came early so that I could use it.  This Betsey Johnson bracelet would make any outfit jealous!

Because there were few "basic" tees to work with, I went with the colors for this outfit.  I liked the plum tee, layered under the chartreuse cardigan.  I wrapped the fucshia scarf around the neck and let one end dangle in front and one dangle in back. There were so many colors in this outfit, I wanted the scarf to be an easy add on.
Christina made this skirt.  Amazing, right?!  She's unbelievably talented and creative...hence the love for anything Anthropologie-like or artsy and fun!  This was a piece that I had to create an outfit for.  I played with the already present color combination and ran with it!

Even the stitching is color-blocked on the skirt.

This outfit was one that I wasn't so sure about at first, but after adding it all together, I love the final look!  Luckily, so did Christina; she wore it the next day for an outing to the DIA and then dinner.
I paired a swingy sweater with a loose vest that had the same colors to accent the pattern in the sweater.  The ruffled skirt picked up on the darkest colors and grounded the pairings on top.  I loved the lace scarf that she had, so I looped it in front to make a big messy knot.  

These tights would bring in more lace to the outfit, if she wanted to keep going with the avent garde look.

This layered maxi skirt would keep the outfit going on cold days when all she wants to wear is a pair of boots.

I loved this skirt and the velvet blazer.  Why not pair them together??  I didn't want to put anything underneath the blazer; I think the off-center buttons and stand-up collar speak for themselves. 

Christina has so many amazing hats.  If only everyone could look as fashionable in a hat as she does!

These tights were the perfect finish for the blue outfit.  The plaid pattern will add that special touch to an already center-stage ensemble.

Thank you again, Christina, for letting me in your closet!  I can't wait until I can come back and play with more of your exciting pieces...until next time!


  1. Courtney Miarka! You are so talented. After you fixed my closet I felt like I had new clothes. You must come back again!


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