Monday, December 26, 2011

Gettin' Ready for NYE

Now that the holiday season is coming to an end, it's time to start thinking about the next big event...New Year's Eve!  I feel like NYE is always over-hyped and then it turns into just another night out.  Last year, the hubs and I spent it already in bed by 10:30...we had a three week old, I think we had a good excuse!  But this year, we will be spending it with friends on a vacation in Northern Michigan, so I'll need an outfit, of course!  Here are some ideas to get you started or help you along if you've already begun your outfit planning.

I like the mix of black, white, gold and red in this montage of ideas.  White pants?  Why I just may!  White jeans with a glittery top and a black blazer make the perfect fall back outfit.  Plus, I have all of these items in my closet!  Complete with black pumps and a large cuff bracelet.  Done!

 Interested in fancy pants??  These are an easy way to make a simple outfit UNREAL.  The pants do all the talking, so keep the rest of your ensemble pretty tame.  Take a hint from some of these photos c/o

Still not sure?  What about sequins?  They're the fail-safe way to dress up for NYE.  Everyone loves a little glitter with their bubbly!
Try an all-over glitz number.  Don't overdo it though, keep the outfit simple with pumps and minimal're dress will get all the attention, as it should!
Afraid to go all the way? Opt for a sequin skirt. You can style it many ways, with a button down-starchy cotton or chambray denim, with a tank- a simple white or black one will do, or even a plain t-shirt.  You can have more fun with your accessories with this outfit- add a necklace or bracelets to keep the look festive!

Here's a classic outfit we can all create.  Skinny black pants , fun blouse, shiny shoes.  Keep the hair sultry, the lips red hot and the nails party perfect.  Send 2011 a kiss goodbye!
(body-hugging leather is completely in "no way" unless you're a twig or very daring!)

What will I be wearing??  Hmm...till next time!

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