Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Inspired by Closet Fashion Fix...No Purchase Necessary!

After my long absence from my fashion spouting obsession...aka, this blog...I've decided to return with new things to share that I've found recently.  I am so tickled that I've inspired other's outfits!  Especially my nearest and dearest of friends and the lovelies that I work with.  These girls have been brave enough, and amazing, to share their photos of Closet Fashion inspired outfits with me that I couldn't help but feature them! Way to go ladies, you look so chic...and to think it all came from within the walls of your own closet.  No purchase necessary!

My bestie steppin' outta the box.  She paired color with a denim pencil skirt, added a cardi, heels! and even a necklace! So proud of her fashion forward self:)

Another great look!  I love the colorful scarf paired with a green belt to complement the look. Black tank and a cardi...good to go!

One of my faves so far.  I love the bronzy glittery cardigan made casual with tank, necklace and scarf combination.  So hot!

I was told that she NEVER would have put this outfit together if it weren't for me.:)  I love the blousy top taken in with a chunky belt and body hugging skirt.  Those heels make her legs go on for days!

I couldn't help but share this...she may kill me for posting this picture, but I LOVE the outfit combo.  Printed maxi with a gingham blouse tied at the waist?!  What's not to love for the creativity here?!

My sister in law in a chic vest and jeans combo.  Her students' (she's a French teacher) told her she's a very stylish dresser!


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