Sunday, December 4, 2011

Just Add a Scarf

I am a devoted follower of the "Add a Scarf" clan. It seems to make so many outfits "finished" with just a twist of some fabric. Over time, I've noticed that there are so many different ways to style a scarf; there is truly, no one right way to do this! I can even recall a time that I just started twisting and looping and tying...the end result was fabulous, but I couldn't recreate it again if I tried!

When adding a scarf, it is important to keep in mind a few pointers...
(Don't worry, I found the "restrictions" list for this, too!)
  • The brighter the scarf or larger the print, the more focus it will take away from the outfit
  • Scarves come in many shapes, sizes, and fabrics...make sure the one you are using fits the overall look of your ensemble
  • Scarves can match your accessories...or not! Whatever works for you.
  • Tie it close to the neck if you don't want anything covered up (ie. a belt or necklace...) or let it hang looser and lower to cover up whatever it is you want covered!
  • DON'T think that scarves are only for warm weather...there are plenty of seasonless fabrics that you can rock all year long!

I added the scarf to this "I don't really feel like getting dressed today" outfit to help spice up the safari look. I promise the dress doesn't look as much like a paper bag on me as it does on my manne. I hope.

I loved this combo when I wore it! The watermelon color combination just seemed perfect. I needed something to make it more than just a shift dress and turtleneck outfit.
I love these three ideas to add a scarf. However, I tried the third one and it didn't work out so well on me.  Hopefully, you'll have better luck!
Jessica Alba always seems to find a scarf to make her outfit just that much cuter!

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how to tie a scarf:


  1. Love all of these ideas. I know that I reach for a scarf when I am in a slump, it always makes the outfit more chic! :)

  2. Love love love scarfs. I agree, adding one just adds that "chic" look to any outfit.



  3. Thanks girls:) I just found another site devoted to only scarves and wraps...who knew!!

  4. Great post. I'm definitely scarf obsessed!


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