Friday, December 7, 2012

Tartan and Gray

Sticking with my experiment of monochrome dressing lately (see previous post), I've decided that tartan plaid is a great compliment to gray tones.  Paired with a pencil skirt and sweater vest, this look can easily go to the office with you or to your holiday party.  Add some accessories, like a pearl cluster necklace, to keep the outfit feminine.
Tartan and Gray

Here is the actual outfit. 
(Excuse the bathroom photographer was away on travel. :) )

I substituted black for crimson tights.

I like the look of leaving the shirttails untucked (if you can) to see more of the pattern and break up the gray from top to bottom.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Okay, so I know I've posted more about shopping lately, and less about using what you own, but I cannot resist sharing this great site that I found tonight!  I will only tell you after you answer these super important questions:

1. Do you love shoes?
2. Do you love shoes that are under $100?
3. Do you love getting free shoes when your friends buy them too?

Of course you answered 'yes' to all of the above.  (If not, there is a chance we may not be friends anymore.)  The site is called Sole Society and basically they offer on-trend styles at "surprisingly" affordable prices.  Every day they feature a new style!  They're partnered with Nordstrom and Vince Camuto- you can't go wrong!

Here are my loves after searching their site...

 Even if you're not in the shopping mood, I highly suggest taking a look and saving some favorites of your own.  It's kind of addicting.  Try it.

*These are solely my opinions.  I was not compensated in anyway for writing this review.  However, I would love to be if you're offering. (What?! It was worth a try:) )

Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Holiday Wishlist

'Tis the time of year to create a holiday wishlist...aka what I may have to buy for myself because I can't wait until Christmas!  Here is just the beginning of a list (that somehow continues to grow the more I think about it) of things I LOVE for this holiday season.  And want.

The best part? They're all under $100!...well, all except for the perfume set...but it is still a crazy good set.  What's on your wishlist this year?

Wish List


High heel pumps

Kate Spade clutch purse

BCBG Max Azria cuff bracelet



Monday, November 26, 2012

One Color Head to Toe

Need some holiday outfit inspiration?  Look no further than one color from head to toe.  Not long ago we were mixing all kinds of colors to make an outfit.  According to fall fashions, however, it's time to move on.  Less rainbow, more serious.   Instead of color blocking, it's monochrome dressing. Here are just a few ways to work this in your wardrobe. 

Closet Tip: The colors don't have to match exactly, but if you wouldn't pair them to decorate a room, don't wear them together.

Monochrome Holiday in Brown

Black and Blue Holiday

Monday, November 5, 2012

How to Transition a Summer Shift Dress to Fall

I found this dress on sale at the Gap this weekend and couldn't pass it up.  Between the colorblocking and stripes and easy casual fit, it just screamed, "Take me home!" So I did.  After our initial "meet cute", however, I had to do some thinking to make sure that this dress could handle the chilly months ahead- now that we were in it together for the long haul.  

My solution?  Layering!

When Summer Shifts to Fall

Here's what it looked like on...

And the hilarious result of self-timer shots. :)

This is just one way to bring a summer staple into fall- I know you have plenty in your own closet!