Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pink and Rain

Okay, so you may have noticed that I don't like taking pictures of my own outfits.  I feel weird posing for the camera, especially when the photographer is begrudgingly taking my photo and can't wait for his duty to be over. (Yes dear, thank you dear.)  
Reason #1 I don't like posting pictures of myself...I don't typically wear makeup unless we're going out for date night or something exciting (ie. with other people)...this is a new development. Ever since I became a mom, I'm sad to say, makeup is just not as important to me.  
Reason #2...the whole posing thing without smiling at the camera cheesily (like that word? hehe).  
Hence the reason why my head is almost ALWAYS cut off.
Reason #3...did I mention the lack of eager photographers? 

Needless to say, I decided to try out the timed shutter on my camera tonight while hubby was out...

Of course lil miss K had to get in on this action!

Two more from the other day when we went to lunch.  Not sure what happened to the scarf, but I still like the color!


  1. good job with the timed shutter! love the pink skirt.


  2. I love that scarf! I have trouble asking people to take my photo too :( That is where a photographer boyfriend might come in handy!

    XX Kathryn


  3. I LOVE these photos of you!!!
    They look great!!! You look amazing!!!
    Love your outfits and that scarf is a gorgeous color!!

  4. I love the lunch outfit! Comfy looking but so stylish. Where is the top from?

    1. Thank you! Old Navy...I tried to find it online for you, but couldn't:( I must have gotten it on sale.

  5. very lovely outfit

    thanks for visiting my blog, i do hope you return ;-)

  6. i love the beautiful pink maxi skirt, stunning!


  7. Blog hop* I love how you accessorize-your style looks effortless and that's how fashion should be. Ill be following you girl. Hop on my way http://alilpieceofmysoul.blogspot.com/ Always,SOULBeautiful.


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