Wednesday, February 29, 2012

1 Shirtdress. 2 Ways

One way to remix a shirtdress is to layer a striped tee underneath.  

No matter what the fabric of the shirtdress, feel free to have some fun!  My dress is navy blue silk and I put an old Old Navy striped tee on underneath.  I did, however, have trouble figuring out which shoes to wear with; I eventually just went with the Hunters since it was so wonderfully sleeting outside this morning!

My outfit remix
Layering again

A classic option...
with a fun apple twist:)
Classic Twisted

I've been doing some "blog-searching" lately and have been thinking about my own blogging experience. Much of this thinking is done in the shower or in the car when I'm driving alone (the latter happens way less than the former!).  I find that my best thinking happens then.  The more I think about the wonderful ideas I've had for this blog and the countless conversations I've had with others while sharing my ideas, I keep coming back to the heart of "helping"...I want this to be a place of ideas to rethink a piece or an outfit.  I'm going to try my best to stick to that.  I can't guarantee that you'll always find my posts helpful or that I won't post a picture of myself in the outfit, but at least my vision is getting clearer!  Thanks for sticking with me. xo


  1. lovely outfit idea

  2. both looks are wonderful.

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  3. great outfit! you look classy and elegant. :) i love hunter boots... love that color. :)


  4. Hey there! Just wanted to stop by and let you know that you won my Vedette giveaway. I sent you an email the other day. Did you get it? I just need your measurements and shipping address so I can get your garment out to you asap!

  5. You mixed 'n matched it to perfection!


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