Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Floral Play

How many of you actually own a pair of floral pants?  And if you do, can I borrow them?  (just in case, I'm a size 6... Hehe)  I just don't know if I could actually bring myself to invest in a pair.  I do love the look and the idea of these vibrant prints that are popping up all over.

Case in point...

I mean, how cute are those?  With a casual sweater and black pumps?  Ahhhh.

Instead of buying a new pair of pants (wait, I can't.) I decided to take this look on top.  I paired a fruity print (the top has strawberries on it) top with skinny pants.  

Looking back, I was trying to do too much with this.  It was cold out, so I threw on a cardigan. Eh.  And then a scarf.  Double eh.  And then the necklaces. Oh boy.  So...

Closet Lesson Learned:
Sometimes it's okay to do "less is more" when getting dressed.  If I were to rethink this outfit, I would just go with the pants, belt, top and necklaces.  The printed top (or pants) should be the focus.  Let it be!


  1. Hi I came across your blog thanks to the blog hop! I know what you mean about the floral pants. :) Oh another great option is a cute floral skirt too! :)

    1. You're so right:) I might have a few of those...I think!

  2. love the floral prints

  3. love this print so much. great picks! always nice visiting your blog. :)

    glad you hopped on the blog-hop wagon. cheers!


  4. i havent tried floral pants, i dont think i'd be game enough to wear one lol.
    nice post nonetheless.. prob if i have nice long legs like the model in the photo, i'll prob rock it everyday lol.. well, not everyday but you know what i mean :)

    definitely following you now my dear.
    would love it if you could check mine out too and hopefully follow back? :)


  5. wicked cute blouse. I would love to get a pair of floral pants but I'm not sure if I could pull them off.

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  6. hello from bloghopping!

    i love floral trousers! i used to wear them as a kid in the 90's and thought they were horrible but now i really like them!

    now that im a follower, looking forward to seeing more closet fashion fixes :-D

    kuki xxx


  7. Cute outfit. Floral is always nice but so hard to pull off. Props to you for pulling off such a great outfit.


  8. I agree, sometimes less is more. SOmetimes having too much just looks messy. hehe ANyway, the floral is beauty. Found you through the blog hop.

  9. great inspirations, I love how you bought a floral top instead of bottom!

    Stumbled upon your blog through blog-hop - greatest way to connect to bloggers ever! Let's keep in contact. I am following, Please check out my blog and follow me too if you like it, Thanks!

  10. Hi There! i'm stopping by from the blog hop and would totally loan you floral pants if I had them...but I only have skirts :( sorry! I do love this outfit on you the scarf looks great and no reason to double eh... Hope you'll stop by and would you be interested in following each other?

  11. Hello I love your blog!

    I've just awarded you the versatile blogger award!! go check out my blog for the info :-) xxx


  12. Thank you for following, I just followed you back :)


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