Monday, February 27, 2012

Palazzo Play

Since my husband has been on travel a lot lately, I've had a slight lift on the shopping ban.  Keeping within a *meager* means, I was able to pick up these awesome pants last weekend at Nordstrom.  Unfortunately, I'm slightly shorter than the average wearer and had no shoes TALL enough to make them work for me this morning.  I tried even the tallest platforms I own...this resulted in me teetering over in my closet and eventually deciding it just wasn't gonna happen for them today.

I did, however, end up with a pair of boring brown trousers.  I threw on my cargo jacket, some nude pumps and tons of jewelry, as always, in hopes I could save this outfit in less than 5 minutes.  (I was running a little behind since I'd already spent so much time on the high shoe vs. hem issue!)
palazzo pants

Closet Lesson Learned:
Pairing a turtleneck underneath a jacket can be a great option.  I wore my cargo jacket that I typically save for warmer months and rolled up the sleeves.  Not only was it a light layer, but this way the color of the turtleneck was the showcase as were the bracelets.


  1. you should get those pants hemmed! They are too cute to just stay in your closet.

    1. I agree! They will definitely be fixed to fit...when I find time.


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