Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Plaid Pants

These plaid pants of mine were almost donated to Salvation Army last year. Crazy talk, I know! Apparently all it took was a little hesitation as I went through the giveaways one last time to return them to my closet again.  Good thing I did!  Plaid was a big hit for fall this year and I would have had to do some more shopping if it weren't for my last minute decision saving.

I got this scarf as a birthday gift, from Madewell.  I wasn't sure if it totally "went" with the outfit, but oh well, I wore it anyway!
BTW, I am in love with that store!  Just wish I still worked at J.Crew to get a discount there.

ALDO shoes
These shoes are the perfect height for flared trousers.  
I love the sturdy stacked heel and the neutral colors.

ALDO shoes (see more aldo shoes)

Closet Lesson:
Turtlenecks and plaid trousers? An easy workday solution in the wintertime.  Heels, jewels, and a scarf can complete a potentially boring look.


  1. Okay, I love your scarf!!!!!!!! The whole look is great, but that scarf is gorgeous!!! xx


  2. very nice outfit, everything works so well together

  3. Thanks ladies! And to think I was so worried about the scarf...glad I added it on!!


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