Thursday, February 9, 2012

Polka dot fix

Today's outfit was a collaboration of a few different recent inspirations.  Since I'm not allowed to purchase anything new, I'm now digging in the depths of my closet to find things I haven't worn in ages.  More like Stone Ages... Not only am I amazed at what I'm finding, but I'm starting to realize that a closet inventory may be necessary pretty soon if I am going to continue to make something "new" out of the same old, same old. So I came up with a pretty easy (I think) combination that, I hope, many of you can recreate!

Start with a black skirt, pencil, a-line, flowy, or pleated.  Pair it with a thin, solid colored sweater, tucked in.  (I tried the untuck thing...just didn't look right.) Belt the skirt.  Add black tights.  Wrap a scarf around your neck twice and tuck in the ends (they'll stay as long as your not doing jumping jacks down the halls).  I went with a two-tone polka dot scarf to keep the look unfussy.  Wear some amazing pumps or ankle booties.  Voila! Instant fashion fix!

Here are the photos that got me thinking in the first place...

Red pants and black and white polka dots...

Red pumps and navy polka dots...

Tucked in sweater with a flowy, pleated skirt...

Once again...Thank you Pinterest for the inspirational photos!  


  1. Darling look! So classic.

    Love your blog. Shall we follow each other? I would love that.
    Let me know. xxx Emily of EL Vintage


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