Thursday, March 8, 2012

Two Belts as One

It can be done!  I was dying to wear both neon belts at the same time and was determined to make this work somehow.  I wrapped them both around my waist and...voila!  I think it worked!  

The trick to this look is making sure that both belts are about the same width and length.  This makes sure that you can thread the opposite ends through each buckle.  

Here's a picture of the full outfit. 
This dress, from Forever 21, was originally bought to be a swimsuit cover-up.  I was cleaning out closets the other day and came across my summer wardrobe, which made me wonder...
What did I have in there that I could be wearing right now??

Lo and behold, I pulled out this dress. 
To make it less seasonally challenged, I paired it with leggings, a long sleeve tee, and a scarf.
 I liked the combination so much that I wore it twice! (whoa..I know)
What can't be comfortable about leggings, a jersey dress and flats? I mean...come on!
(Oh, and the best part about the leggings...they have a *secret* suck-you-in panel.  And they're from Target. Less than $20. Yup. See here.)

Here's how I would style this dress again for a warm weather getaway or just summer.

summer simple

Closet Lesson Learned:
Seasonal items are not always so seasonal.  All it takes are a few tweaks to make a typical warm weather item transition for chillier months.  What do you own that you could pair with a long sleeve tee, leggings and a scarf? I bet something!


  1. nice neon belts

  2. Replies
    1. Okay, I have to tell you that I did a double take because I have a student with the exact same name as you in class this year...and my first graders blog. Would've been crazy, but not too farfetched! Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. brilliant and original idea, so good im stealing the look! thank you!


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