Monday, April 30, 2012

Brighten a Rainy Day

Sometimes I welcome rainy days.  Kind of like today.  This meant that I could wear my new raincoat for an actual purpose, rather than for its brilliant color!  I love the fact that this raincoat was available for less than $100 and the color is to die for.  Paired with my Hunters I was ready to take on the puddles and grey weather with a smile! ( Even though it was indoor recess...imagine 27 seven year olds cooped up all day.  Hope it's dry tomorrow!)
Save for a Rainy Day

Here are some more wellies for under $50!  Why not have some fun in the rain?!

Puddle Jumpers Under $50

Wedge welly
£20 -

Dirty Laundry hidden wedge
$50 -

Chooka kitten heel boots
$36 -

ALDO kitten heel boots
$35 -

Dirty Laundry wellies boots
$30 -

Chooka wellies boots
$45 -

Wellies boots
£25 -

Office flat heels
£25 -

See through umbrella
$30 -

Pauls Boutique Zip Wellies
£29 -


  1. hey, court! it's been raining a lot here in new england, too. great picks! love hunter boots. :)

    hope you have a great day!


  2. We had rain here today too. I could have really used a rain coat since I totally forgot my umbrella. I looked like a wet dog going into work today.


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