Sunday, April 22, 2012

In a Pinch? Pin it!

What do all these outfits have in common?
I used safety pins in each one! 
(note that you can't see them? that's the trick:) )

Call me crazy, call me tacky, or call me resourceful.  Anyway you want it, I still live for safety pins in my closet and on the go.  Since I have a tendency to pull them out everywhere, I thought it might be time to finally share some tricks that I use to keep things in place!  
(Even my friends are aware of this "problem" the point they can tell when I'm going to whip one out and say, "just pin it!")

**Remember, the pin should always be hidden as best you can.  You want people to look and see the outfit, not what's holding it together.**

Safety Tip #1: To Keep a Belt in Place

On skirts or dresses that don't come with belt loops, but adding on that accessory is a must, just pin it!

This typically only works for skinnier belts, since the belt has to fit through the opening on the pin.  
Be sure to place the pin so that you can thread the belt through and in an area where it cannot be easily spotted.  In this picture the pin is on the outside, but if your belt can fit through, keep the head on the inside of the garment for less exposure.

I may love them, but their placement needs to be tactful, not tacky.  I do this when I am wearing a cardigan that will most likely cover the area of the pin.

Best places to pin to hold in a belt:
on the side seams
along the zipper in the back

Safety Tip #2

For those items that you bought in a different size or wrong size, but just had to have (for me, maternity time) and haven't had them tailored just yet, just pin it!

Example, this skirt.  I LOVE it.  It's 2 sizes too big and I like wearing things around my natural waist rather than sitting on my hips.  Solution?  Take it to the tailor.
Real time solution? Safety pins!

By overlapping the top band of the skirt and pinning from the inside, I'm able to wear it at my natural waist and not add any bulk to the skirt.

For this, keep the pin on the inside of the skirt and make sure that wherever you are pinning you are not adding extra bulk to the item.  (This may not work for all pieces)

I have to buy pants to fit my lower half and it always seems that the waistband is too big on me.  Instead of passing up great pants because of the waistline issues, I just add a safety pin beyond the brackets.
Make sure that this doesn't create a fold in the zipper area.  
You may only be able to fold them over so far before it's obvious.

Safety Tip #3

Fixing hemlines.  I can't tell you how many times I'm in a pinch and notice that the hemline of my (insert item of clothing here) has started to fall!  Out comes a safety pin!

The key to this is keeping the pin as hidden from the outside as possible. 

Safety Tip #4

 Extending a necklace.  If you are looking for that perfect length on your necklace and wish it was just a few centimeters longer, add on a pin.  As long as you are wearing your hair down, or will have the necklace covered, I say this is a "safe" way to make it work!

Another way is to add an existing pin or brooch on to a group of necklaces.  This will keep the lengths in place the way you want them.

Safety Tip #5

 Many sleeveless tops come with a bra strap holder built-in to the shoulders. (see picture)  If yours does not, however, and your Victoria's Secret doesn't want to be kept a secret, add a pin!
Place the safety pin on the inside of the garment under the shoulder seam.  Either thread your strap through, if your bra allows, or pin the strap to your top.  It may seem hectic and awkward at first when you are pinning, but I promise you'll thank me later when you're not the one tugging at your shoulders!

Extra tip...

You know those pads that come with your bathing suits?  The ones that help you fill out the tops, or just make it harder for you to fill out the top?  Well, save them!  Coupled with some safety pins, they make a great "strapless" helper when you can't wear a strapless.
(dress right side out)
This dress is not cut for a strapless and wearing it with a cami would look ridiculous.

(dress inside out)
Enter those funny little pads that I always take out of my bathing suits.  A few pins to keep them in place...

Voila!  No bra needed!

Even your Lulu pads would work for this.  They're free!

Do you have any fashion fix "go to's" that you use?


  1. I love this post! I especially like the skirt trick and the halter trick last! I will be using these for sure! xx


  2. This post is great! I'm going to share on my blog. My friends would love these tips!

  3. Hi! I am from

    Thanks for checking out my page! oddly enough, after I saw you I thought you may look familiar. I am originally from Michigan too! so maybe I know you?!

    Anyways very cute blog and thank you for sharing!


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