Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Office Citrus

Office Basics with a Twist

I've had this set sitting in my draft files for awhile now and just had to share it with you.  Now that I'm looking forward in to my spring wardrobe and still trying to incorporate what's left of the winter stuff, it's time to have some fun with more color.  (me?  play with color? surprise!)

I like this set because of the sleek office separates that I'm sure just about every reader has of some sort in their own closet.  A pencil skirt? A silk/shine cami? A vneck cardigan?  You can do it!  I know this has been done many times over...I'm not the first person to put this out there.  But still, add on a pair of heels or wedges.  Pile on your jewels.  Do whatever it takes to 'own' this time-tested classic look.  Isn't that what makes it a "classic"?

Here are some other color combinations to play with on your own. Happy fixing!

cardigan & cami combos

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