Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ruffles, Sweaters, & Stripes

I received a note yesterday on facebook regarding a lovely picture I "pinned" on pinterest from one of my favorite blogs, In an attempt to find this outfit on the internet for my friend, I decided to feature it in a post for all.  As always, Sydney is ever so fashionable and keeps it real for the rest of us.  I LOVE recreating her looks from my own closet, like in this post about wearing a maxi in the winter... Obsessed? Kind of...  (Apparently, we shop alike!)
"Hi! You posted this on pinterest and I absolutely love it. Where can I buy it?" we go!

In my search to recreate, I located some totally 
affordable striped skirts...

bodycon striped skirts under $100

ruffled tops...

And finally... 
I decided that this look would probably be the easiest to recreate with a dress underneath!

This is the final outfit option that I came up with if I were going to purchase these pieces.  Layer the dress underneath the blouse; this way you're purchasing one item that will serve two purposes...the dress can be worn to a more formal/fun event OR be layered for a more conservative look.  I like the yellow cardigan as a colorful update to this look.
(I didn't search belts for this because almost any brown leather belt would do)

Hope this helps, Jen!  Thanks for asking!


  1. great job recreating this look. I would totally wear your outfit.

  2. I will follow your blog


  3. love your striped finds!

  4. wow Jen is right! The outfit is really amazing! And you are so nice for recreating it!



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