Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tangerine TopCoat

This outfit was for my mom for a dinner date with another couple.  She bought this orange jacket (now on sale for $40!) and wasn't really sure how to style it. It is a bit tricky because it is open (no buttons) and doesn't have any lapels like a typical blazer (even though it's shaped that way).  On the other hand, this style is extremely flattering because it gives you a perfect hourglass shape just by the way it's cut!

Here are my options that I created for this jacket to make it a wearable and versatile piece!

  • With a navy blue skirt (substitute pants or shorts), white tee and green flats
  • With a striped tee, and denim flats
  • With green, orange and nude accents

Tangerine TopCoat

Here is the outfit in person using everything she already owned!

In her own words...
Thanks for the post!  I'll start looking for my green jewelry to put with it.  Think I'll wear pants cuz of the weather.  Now I know even more I need to take you shopping with me!  Got the jacket when I saw [personal shopper] at Nordstrom. I requested the jacket, ... but [we] never thought through too much about what to do with it.  Would  like to go again sometime just to get your opinion ...!
I mean, I know it's my mom, but it feels good to see another woman happy with their Closet Fashion Fixing!

If you have any items you'd like help styling,  email me at or message me on Facebook!


  1. love this tangerine color , perfect for spring/summer

    1. I agree. And I love that it's pretty versatile with other color combinations:)

  2. she got an amazing deal. looks fab on her, and love your styling. looks great w/ green accents!

    have a great week!


    1. Thanks, Jasmine! I love the green, too. Gives it an extra pop!


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