Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What to Pack this Weekend

Packing for a Weekend at the Lake

Memorial Weekend is upon us...that 3 day (for some 4!) weekend that I'm sure we're all looking forward to.  BBQ's, friends, family, busytime or downtime- sounds wonderful, but what do I wear?!

 We're getting out of town and going north (by north, I mean fighting traffic for about 5 hours along I-75 and some other county roads until we reach the lake).  This calls for packing comfortable and light.  Two words that I don't usually think of when packing.  Inspired by my own challenges, here is my packing list for the weekend.

Have a wonderful time whereever you are and whatever you do!

I just had to add on my husband's response to this post.  He's so funny. 

Dan, Packing for a weekend at the lake, for ALL activities..... 


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  1. I lOVe the yellow shrt with the hint of pink on the tee!


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