Wednesday, June 27, 2012

LemonLime and Grey Time

I needed a new way to wear this brocade pencil skirt.  Instead of pairing it with a white button down- been there done that- or wearing a denim shirt- already thought of- I decided to pair it with a neon tee from my Ruehl archives.  

(Sidebar- Anyone remember that store?  The grown up sister to Abercrombie?  
I will never part with their tees.  Ever.)

The tee was too casual, but a ruffled cardigan took care of that.  As a final thought, I buttoned the top button and paired it with a collar-like necklace that fit perfectly on top.  Some people asked me if that was the collar of the cardigan!  Love it when something just works like that.
I paired it with lime green sandals because, let's face it, it was the last week of school and heels were out of the question!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Nautical Number

Isn't my name tag awesome?!

This week I'm attending a training for my teacher-life with Ron Ritchart, author of the book, Making Thinking Visible.  It's an incredible new direction of teaching and thinking that I'm super pumped to be a part of at my building and throughout the nation right now.  With that said, I still had some fun with my "inservice" outfit!

In order to wage war with the A/C in our conference room, I knew I would need some layers and definitely long sleeves.  Layering two long sleeve shirts isn't a bad option if they're fitted and not too bulky.  I liked the nautical theme with stripes so I pulled out these old boat shoes that I've had since 2004.  (I love it when I keep stuff that works!)  A starfish pendant necklace made it all complete.

To all you teachers out there, what do you wear to keep it casually professional in the summer?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Weddings

I love a summer wedding!  
The happiness shared, the summer sun shining.  All the cheesy reasons- and of course because it's an excuse to get all dolled up!  I found this uh-mazing strapless number at J.Crew (surprise, surprise) and just had to have it.  I can see this floral piece attending many an occasion in my near and far future.  In order to keep it funky, I added a vibrant elastic belt, tied in a bow, and kept my librarian specs on for the evening.  Nude pumps and a color-blocked bag (purchased before color-blocking was even invented) made it all complete.

Ps. Don't mind the hotel room scenery in the photos.  Please and thank you.:)

The other happy couple (other than the obvious bride and groom).  On a sidebar, we finally got to dance to our wedding song that night.   We forgot the cd at our own wedding and just danced to whatever the band played!  It was a fitting 5 year anniversary present to finally hear it and enjoy the moment. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Tough Yellow

 This dress has seen many an occasion.  First a wedding, then a bridal shower, and many days at work. Today it was for a retirement party for two colleagues of mine. I wanted to toughen up the look, so I added this chainlink necklace and kept the dress color-block free.  It was so hard for me to stick to a black and white palette and let the yellow steal the show all by itself.  The only pop was the white shoes at the end.  All in all, another way to make the same dress work different occasions without being the same twice!

Monday, June 11, 2012

20 Summer Must-Haves For Your Closet

It's that time of year!  Summer is here, the switch from winter closet to warm weather closet has begun.  And with this transition comes a list of what every closet should have to keep you updated and classic this season.  Here are my 20 Summer Must-Haves For Your Closet!
(Be sure to click on any links to see more options!)

1. Maxi Dress
This great piece is my favorite to layer over.  I have found so many fun and new ways to wear my maxis that I couldn't help but put this as my #1 pick.
closet fashion fix: 10 Maxi Dresses to Jump Start the Season

Velvet torch

2. Sundress
Different than a maxi, this dress can also go day-to-night, but in a different way.  A light dress can take you from brunch, to picnics, to bbq's.  It's all in how you accessorize.
closet fashion fix: 5 Sundresses to Keep You Covered

3 1 Phillip lim

3. Floral or a Print Skirt
Either in a pencil skirt or a pleated number, this piece is a summer must.  Paired with a silk cami or a tee shirt, a skirt is an easy summer piece.  I'm sure you own one!
closet fashion fix: Skirts for Business and Pleasure

J Crew skirt

4. Structured Tote/Carry-all Tote

Tis the season for lots-o-stuff to carry.  Sunglasses, sunscreen, towels, sandals, and whateverelse you carry with you! What better to keep it all in than a summer worthy tote?
Betsey Johnson Citrus Resort Orange Tote at

5. Summer knit sweater

You never know when the temps will fall into that chilly category, or when the AC will be cranked up to goosebump level.  For this reason alone, a great summer weight knit sweater always does the trick.  Plus, there are so many great options out there right now to pump up your basics for an evening chill!

6. Perfect Short

Finding the perfect short could take you all season.  Keep in mind these tips when shopping:
  • Length is key, shorter figures look better in shorter styles to elongate the legs.
  • Think of function, where will you be wearing these shorts?  Are they intended for work, casual, or dressy affairs?
  • A flattering inseam for most body types is 5"

Source: via Courtney on Pinterest

7. Flowy top/Cover up
The right one can take you from poolside to backyard bbq with little effort.  Choose wisely!

8.White jean
An essential for any summer wardrobe.  Find the right pair for you and stick with what fits and looks best.  White can be a hard color to find a favorite in; even I am still searching for my favorite fitting white pants...I know they're out there somewhere!

9. Colored ankle pant
These look great with sandals and heels.  Made for offices and dinners on the town.

Source: via Courtney on Pinterest

10. Summer flat
I like a boat shoe for the warmer months.  Since you can't break them out in winter, now's the time to enjoy.

11. Grown up swimsuit

Who said that one pieces have to be frumpy?  I recently invested in one in black and love the way it looks.  My two piece hasn't been totally replaced, but it has some definite competition!

12. Striped Boatneck
This top will look great with your colorful ankle pants or shorts.  It's the most versatile top of the season.

13. Army/Cargo Inspired Jacket

A layer that looks only as tough as you feel.  Try this over a sundress or your striped shirt for a new take on mixing.  Pairing feminine with a touch of rough is a great way to modernize your wardrobe this season.

14. Flat Sandal

These are the epitome of summer.  Not as casual as flip flops and way more comfortable than heels.  I could live in these all season long.

15. Classic Shades
With so many shapes out there to choose from, why not pick the ones that will outlast the trends?  Wayfarers have been a classic shape forever.  I like how these take that look and give it a more ladylike feel.

16. Light Layering Bracelets

I remember when piling on the bangles was the best thing to do.  Now it's all about dainty and lightweight wrist adornments.  Anything that looks like a friendship bracelet seems to be the hottest trend for the summer.  Think back to your summer camp days for this one!

17. Brown Equestrian Belt

This is a classic for more than just holding up your belt loops.  Look what it does for this dress!
(oh J.Crew, you always know what you're doing.)

18. Straw or Floppy Hat
Balmy weather is typically accompanied by glaring sun.  To shield from the sun's rays, or just look extra chic, a hat can do just the trick.
closet fashion fix: Hats Off to Summer!

Aqua Prim & Proper Cloche

19. Neon Accent
Pump up the volume on any look with a bright accent.  Be ready to be noticed and get compliments!  Choose a small piece such as a clutch, belt, necklace or bracelet to be the neon focus.

20. Lightweight Scarf
Since it's not being used to keep you covered up and warm, this accessory is strictly that in the summer- an accessory.  Which is why you can have some fun with a scarf.  Tie it over a plain white tee to take your look up a notch.  Play around, wrapping it loosely. You may just like how the extra layer looks!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hats Off to Summer!

What better to top off a summer look than a chic hat?  When the sun is blaring, a cute topper can be just the thing you need!  I'm not typically a hat person, but when that hat finds me, I'm hooked!  Plus, who can resist these affordable and easy finds?  
Which one will you be sporting? 
Or, better yet, which one do you already have in your closet??

Hats off to Summer

Juicy Couture brimmed hat
$58 -

Betsey Johnson straw fedora hat
$46 -

Straw cloche hat
$40 -

Polka dot hat
$38 -

Halogen® Straw Cloche
$88 -

Juicy Couture Poplin Fedora
$58 -

Aqua Prim & Proper Cloche
$29 -

Under Cover