Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hats Off to Summer!

What better to top off a summer look than a chic hat?  When the sun is blaring, a cute topper can be just the thing you need!  I'm not typically a hat person, but when that hat finds me, I'm hooked!  Plus, who can resist these affordable and easy finds?  
Which one will you be sporting? 
Or, better yet, which one do you already have in your closet??

Hats off to Summer

Juicy Couture brimmed hat
$58 -

Betsey Johnson straw fedora hat
$46 -

Straw cloche hat
$40 -

Polka dot hat
$38 -

Halogen® Straw Cloche
$88 -

Juicy Couture Poplin Fedora
$58 -

Aqua Prim & Proper Cloche
$29 -

Under Cover

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