Wednesday, June 27, 2012

LemonLime and Grey Time

I needed a new way to wear this brocade pencil skirt.  Instead of pairing it with a white button down- been there done that- or wearing a denim shirt- already thought of- I decided to pair it with a neon tee from my Ruehl archives.  

(Sidebar- Anyone remember that store?  The grown up sister to Abercrombie?  
I will never part with their tees.  Ever.)

The tee was too casual, but a ruffled cardigan took care of that.  As a final thought, I buttoned the top button and paired it with a collar-like necklace that fit perfectly on top.  Some people asked me if that was the collar of the cardigan!  Love it when something just works like that.
I paired it with lime green sandals because, let's face it, it was the last week of school and heels were out of the question!


  1. hi, courtney. long time no visit.... sorry! i've been so busy. how are you? i love this color combo. i love grey with yellow, lavendar... purple... and this bright yellow works wonderfully with your layering. you look sooo pretty. :) hope all's well, and i love seeing glimpses of your life on instagram. :) have a great rest of the wk!

  2. this outfit definitely works. The cardigan adds a really nice touch.

  3. I love your gorgeous brocade skirt! I think i'm going out on a hunt for one of my own! And thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)
    Best, Japna


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