Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Nautical Number

Isn't my name tag awesome?!

This week I'm attending a training for my teacher-life with Ron Ritchart, author of the book, Making Thinking Visible.  It's an incredible new direction of teaching and thinking that I'm super pumped to be a part of at my building and throughout the nation right now.  With that said, I still had some fun with my "inservice" outfit!

In order to wage war with the A/C in our conference room, I knew I would need some layers and definitely long sleeves.  Layering two long sleeve shirts isn't a bad option if they're fitted and not too bulky.  I liked the nautical theme with stripes so I pulled out these old boat shoes that I've had since 2004.  (I love it when I keep stuff that works!)  A starfish pendant necklace made it all complete.

To all you teachers out there, what do you wear to keep it casually professional in the summer?


  1. Love the outfit and you are going to love the visible thinking training!

  2. fun outfit. what is with conferences and air conditioners? Why must they always have them on full blast?! It just makes me wanna take a nap.


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