Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Vote For Me!!

A Polished Presentation







Okay, so I've entered a styling contest with Wardrobe 911.  The challenge? Create a look for a REAL personal styling client. My thoughts? I can totally do this! 


The winning look will be posted on one of the worlds top fashion blogs, Wardrobe911! In addition, the winner will receive a $500 Scholarship to the Style Institute.

Here are my reasons behind the outfit I chose for Elizabeth, a 32 y.o. Medical Sales Rep in Orange County, CA:

For Elizabeth's client presentation I chose a look that would reflect her personal style, be professional for a hospital presentation, and make her look fabulous all at the same time!  Knowing that medical sales can be a traditionally conservative dressing field (at least it is here in the Midwest) I went with a modern suit and kept the accessories simple, yet statement making.  I wanted this outfit to portray a confident and put together look while not compromising Elizabeth's sense of style and fun!  

The dress is a flattering fit and color which would compliment her skin tone and blonde hair.  The added belt adds definition underneath the suit jacket, which is perfect for the air conditioned buildings she works in! Black pumps are classic and classy.  A gorgeous shoe doesn't have to be trendy if it's well made- it will still get noticed!  I chose simple studs for earrings (which I know Elizabeth owns from her photos!) and a silver  circle chain necklace with a great enameled clasp that compliments the dress.  The ring is an added touch, since most likely her fingers will be noticed during a presentation.  Lastly, I added a punch of fun and color in the bag- green and navy are great colorblocking friends and lend a hint of playfulness to a proper look.  All of the items in this look are chosen from Elizabeth's favorite stores, just in case!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Getting Dressed as a Mom

Lately, I feel like I've been spending more time thinking about being "mom" than I have been thinking about what I'm wearing. This day was no exception. I have some "safe" outfits for backup on days when I dont have time to put something together. You know, when lunch ends up on the floor, time-out just isn't getting the message across and you have somewhere to be in 45 minutes and you're still not dressed. Yeah. Those days.

Needless to say, despite my taunting of not going to see Auntie, I knew we were going anyway because, let's face it, I needed that shopping trip.
-Insert backup outfit- cotton dress, leggings, sandals, and jewelry-

What is your backup outfit?

Here is one way to keep you looking pulled together when you're truly pulled in a million other directions...

Summer Formula

Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Beauty Tips (or My Only Beauty Tips Lately)

Before I begin, here is the disclaimer I feel obligated to write:
All of the opinions in this post are my own.  I have not been asked to endorse anyone or anything.  I just LOVE this stuff so much that I had to share it with you all!

Beauty Tip #1
So, I call this stuff "Botox in a Bottle" because that's what it feels like!  
I swear it works.  Every time I've used it lately, weird stuff happens.  Like I get carded for an "R" rated movie.  At the box office AND as I'm walking in to the theater.  Really people?! I look 17?!  I think that's quite a stretch, but I'll take it!
How about the time asked how old I was shopping one day after I applied this stuff.  Oh you know, 21? 22?  I felt bad for the girl when I laughed out loud and told her I was 31 and had a 1-1/2 year old.  The shock factor may have been too much for her.
And lastly, the woman who just assumed I was the big sister when we were out for dinner one night. She claimed that I was way too young to have children, until I informed here that it was too late.  Meet my child! 
Needless to say, I think this little bottle of sneaky goodness is my little fountain of youth. Call me crazy. Maybe.

Beauty Tip #2
My tanning equation:
Sunscreen + Self-Tanner = Bronze Skin - the Sun's Side Effects
I love this tip merely because it combines good sun care with beauty products.  I love a golden brown tan, but can't seem to get one anymore since my skin flips out after 10 minutes of being in the sun. (Thank you pregnancy for this amazing lasting effect.)
In order to get my brown skin, I do double duty.  When I put on my sunscreen, I mix it with a bronzed self-tanner.  2 parts lotion, 1 part self-tanner.  This way, my skin has the bronzed-kissed look from the bronzer and then turns into a golden tan after being out in the sun.  Not only am I protected from the "harmful rays", I'm also getting a tan in the process!

Beauty Tip #3

The sock bun.  If you haven't heard of this yet, you may live under a rock.  Or just be one of the few who hasn't joined Pinterest yet.  This hairdo was all the rage on Pinterest, oh, about 6 months ago.  In true Courtney-fashion, it took me that long to break down and give it a try.
I'm hooked.
There's a reason everyone was pinning this fool-proof beauty regimen.  It is so easy!  And chic.  If you haven't tried a sock bun and your hair is long enough, go ahead...you may never do your hair again.
(I've included the link below from Pinterest for you.)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Brights with White

Okay, so perfect photography this is not, but I was on vacation so I think I deserve a little break, right? I wore this outfit for an afternoon of lunching and shopping with friends. Funny enough I found the blazer on sale at Nordstrom while we were out. It just screamed, "Wear me now!" I had to have it on the spot. I absolutely adore a bright tunic top with white jeans- it was a great combination for the Arizona heat.

(Awhile ago I wrote about how hard it can be to find the right pair of white jeans; as you can see, I've finally found mine after 3 years of searching. Craziness. Have you ever searched forever for a special item? I do hope you've found it just like me!)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Guest Posting

I'm so excited to share a post that I wrote for a fellow blogger and friend, Hillary.  She was looking for a guest blogger and contacted me to do a post on styling for her readers.  I decided on "5 Ways to Renew Your Blues".  Check out her amazing blog and let her know I sent you!
(Click on the image to take you there)

Do you have any blogs that you would like to share?  I'm always looking for new reads and guest bloggers.  It's so fun to connect!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Life through Instagram

It's summertime and life is happening!  With all the travel and time spent with friends and family, I haven't had a chance to think about my closet, let alone what you should be doing in yours.  Here's a sneak peek into my recent life that I've documented and shared with the world of Instagram.  Find me and follow me for more real life encounters @closetfashionfx! (I follow back:) )

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I love the girliness of this top, but that it also has an extra edge with the V's on the collar.  Bows are always a little "girly" but to keep them updated, add a bit of edge to the ensemble.  Like a tough necklace.  Or keep the palette black and white.  I took it a step further and kept the bow theme in the gold shoes, but it was a comfortable outfit in the end!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

3 Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July in Style

(and not be a fashion DON'T!)
Whether or not you are celebrating the independence of the United States tomorrow, dressing in red, white and blue can be a great combination when planned correctly.  Here are three ideas to help you style your outfits for a day of BBQ's, family & friends, and fireworks!

All American Summer

Striped tee

Paige Denim short shorts
$145 - farfetch.com

Red and White (no blue)

Time For Fireworks

Happy Fourth to All!
I just had to add this outfit by the lovely Kimberly of Eat.Sleep.Wear.
Stop on by her blog to see more amazingness!