Saturday, July 28, 2012

Getting Dressed as a Mom

Lately, I feel like I've been spending more time thinking about being "mom" than I have been thinking about what I'm wearing. This day was no exception. I have some "safe" outfits for backup on days when I dont have time to put something together. You know, when lunch ends up on the floor, time-out just isn't getting the message across and you have somewhere to be in 45 minutes and you're still not dressed. Yeah. Those days.

Needless to say, despite my taunting of not going to see Auntie, I knew we were going anyway because, let's face it, I needed that shopping trip.
-Insert backup outfit- cotton dress, leggings, sandals, and jewelry-

What is your backup outfit?

Here is one way to keep you looking pulled together when you're truly pulled in a million other directions...

Summer Formula


  1. Great stripes! I think fun accessories and a great bag are essentials for moms on the go!

  2. that dress is so cute! i'm a little weary of wearing such a bold horizontal stripe on myself :( my go-to mom outfit has been Gap's broken in khakis in kelly green. they're cute, comfy, on trend & something different than the usual jeans & tee combo

  3. The accessories in your post are so fun and perfect for summer. Love your outfit b/c it looks so comfy and relaxed but so chic and hip at the same time :)

    I nomianated you for the Liebster award so please check out the details and questions on my latest post. Hope you enjoy! :)


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